Climategate Watermelons & the imminent collapse of Europe

“James Delingpole is a writer, journalist and broadcaster who is right about everything. He is the author of numerous fantastically entertaining books including 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy, Welcome To Obamaland: I’ve Seen Your Future And It Doesn’t Work, How To Be Right, and the Coward series of WWII adventure novels.”

…….. as the tongue-in-cheek heading states at Delingpole’s blog.

Nevertheless his broadly libertarian view of the current political scene, does have a lot in common with what UKIP has been saying about these matters for some long time, possibly even since its inception. In this 48 minute interview with Peter Robinson, Delingpole goes into some detail of his analysis of the immediate past, and the immediate prospects for Western Democracy.

Delingpole bemoans the fact that no modern mainstream political party has the answers to this dilemma. There is hope though says Delingpole, if only there were a movement of libertarian, minimal administration, like the US “Tea Party”, then Britain and Europe could be saved from the “Terminator” style Monster-Euro-Government that looms over the British Isles. A passing reference is made to UKIP, and the fact that in Britain, public support for UKIP is now within one percentage point of the Liberal Democrats.

James Delingpole writes: “Peter Robinson is the uber-poised, uber-intelligent, uber-civilised (well he did go to Ch Ch) commentator, broadcaster and former Reagan aide who as a young man scripted the “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Brandenburg Gate speech in Berlin in 1987. He’s the co-founder of the US conservative website Ricochet which contains some of the most brilliant writing in the entire blogosphere and fabbo podcasts too including one mysteriously called Radio Free Delingpole

He’s also a fellow of the Hoover Institution – an island of immense conservative soundness set in a vast ocean of liberal sanctimoniousness at Stanford (aka “The Farm”) University, in Palo Alto, capitol of Silicon Valley, in the People’s Republic of California. His Uncommon Knowledge series is pretty much the most distinguished political discussion programme you’ll see on TV because – thanks to Peter – it still exudes that otherwise vanished gravitas which used to be a commonplace in the days of Face to Face or Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation.”


Radio Free Delingpole on Ricochet – Selected Episodes

Radio Free Delingpole #2: Euro Is A Four Letter Word

James Delingpole, Britain’s most dangerous podcaster returns with guests Brit bloggers Christopher Booker and Richard North. Listen in for the fascinating discussion of the future of the Euro (not particularly bright) and their thoughts on Britain’s role in a reconfigured Europe. Also, don’t miss Booker’s spot on Winston Churchill impression. It rivals Peter Robinson’s Reagan. 

       Christopher Booker's The Bruges Group      Richard North's EU Referendum


 Radio Free Delingpole #3: The Last Word on Climate

There are a number of topics that can get James Delingpole going, but if you really want to get him revved up, ask him to talk about climate change. So when he told us he had author and fellow climate change skeptic Donna Laframboise ready to do a podcast, we of course could not refuse him. This one is for all you climate junkies.

    Donna Laframboise's NO Consensus


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 abridged from original stories at James Delingpole's website & Ricochet

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One Response to Climategate Watermelons & the imminent collapse of Europe

  1. neilcraig says:

    Delingpole has described the state control of broadcasting through the BBC (& C4) as the biggest barrier to the development of a popular free market movement in Britain, like America’s Tea Party. I tend to agree. He also suggested that the recent BBC/Guardian campaign against Murdoch is driven by the fear that Murdoch was going to expand Sky and give the BBC some real competition, which I entirely believe.

    Legally the BBC is committed to “balance” and should therefore be vulnerable to their gross censorship and lack of balance over alleged warming, “renewables”, economics and many other subjects and their purely party political decision to give the Green party 40 times more coverage per vote, all supportive, than to UKIP, almost all unsupportive.

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