Live TV

UKIP LIVE VIDEO FEED (when available)


This page is under review, and will be upgraded in the near future.

Please check out the links below to see some recordings.


JUSTIN TV  library of previous broadcasts & recordings 


Heartland ICCC6 Broadcast(Washington D.C. USA)
has now ended, but videos are available, See story on this website

Looking for The Alex Jones Show?  Links are on the Media Page



2 Responses to Live TV

  1. There is some full screen issue with this embedded player in WordPress. However, if you click on the player window, you will be taken to a Justin TV website channel for UKIP Scotland, where you can click the full screen button, and then it does work. Still this page is useful to check whether a live broadcast is running. Check out the video library of previous broadcasts. All are very informative, and some are veritable “classics”.

  2. Due to technical difficulties at many of the venues which UKIP had been allocated during the 2011 Election, internet access has not been available, or failed at the last minute before broadcast, and so sadly we have been unable to cover these events as we would have liked. However please check out the recordings at the Justin TV video library, and on the Media Page at this UKIPScotland Blog.

    In the future we hope to have a schedule of live TV Broadcasts.

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