Salmond’s SNP are the laughing stock of Scotland

SNP Political Cartoons – By Iain Green of The Scotsman

cartoon © Iain Green - March '08

cartoon © Iain Green - April '08

cartoon © Iain Green - Feb '09

cartoon © Iain Green - Oct '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov '11

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov 2011

cartoon © Iain Green - Nov 2011

cartoon © Iain Green - Dec 2011

cartoon © Iain Green - Dec 2011

cartoon © Iain Green - Dec 2011

cartoon © Iain Green - Jan 2012

  See more Iain Green Cartoons in the Scotsman Newspaper from time to time.

All rights reserved © 2008 – 2012 Johnston Publishing Ltd 
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5 Responses to Salmond’s SNP are the laughing stock of Scotland

  1. lewis says:

    I came on this site expecting more than this infantile rubbish. Perhaps some serious analysis of why to reject independence perhaps?

    • All these cartoons, though they may appear to be “infantile rubbish” to you, do have brief but serious messages to impart. This is the purpose of such cartoons. Political caricatures have a long tradition and pedigree, stretching back to Roman times and beyond. Clearly you have not been able to read between the lines to see their sarcasm and irony.

      Google incoming search records reveal that around the time of your comment, a search for “political cartoon” was made, and then linked to that page. So then if you search for political cartoons and click on the link for such cartoons, then that is what you might reasonably expect to find at such a webpage.

      You ask, “Perhaps some serious analysis of why to reject independence”. The way your question is framed does suggest a certain bias in favour of Mr. Salmond’s Agenda. Put the question another way, I might ask you for some serious analysis as to why to reject the status quo.

      At other pages on this website readers can find many articles and indeed radio and video recordings where various aspects related to these questions are analysed and discussed at great length. I would encourage readers to view those more serious articles. This page here is admittedly a page of cartoons by Iain Green of the Scotsman Newspaper, and as such readers can hardly expect to find serious analysis here.

      If readers want some serious analysis, I would recommend that they read the UKIP Party Manifestos, and Policy flyers which are unsurprisingly to be found at the “Manifestos” page, linked to in the black coloured menu bar above.

  2. Bill says:

    Sorry Mate, I don’t like wind power either but I am with Lewis on this one. These cartoons do not “appear to be infantile rubbish” to Lewis, they are infantile rubbish, produced for Scotland’s left wing flag carrier who hate Salmond more than they hate you because apart from independence he is truly one of their own.

    We want to like UKIP, there being no opposition to the Common Purpose, leftie luvies in Scotland but it’s having found a lack of serious/credible material elsewhere (manifesto pages) that brought us here searching.

    Grow up and get us out of Europe but don’t go hoping Johnston Publishing will do you any favours. Using their material is political ineptitude exemplified.

    Apart from that there’s no point in slagging off Salmond, your potential voters wouldn’t vote Socialist National Party anyway. If you must then take the utter p1ss out of the “Independence within Europe” nonsense, I suspect that even embarrasses Salmond these days.

    If you really want to hurt the SNP (or any other administration) simply draw attention to every bit of legislation they promote as a “good idea” when in fact they have no choice in the matter because it’s rooted an EU directive and they are simply softening up the electorate to the inevitable.

    The only way to kill the demand for independence is to have an honest and effective national government in Westminster free of the dictates of Brussels, until then I like many others will presume the only option is to go it alone.

    • But is there a public demand for independence actually? We Shall see.

      Mr. Salmond says he wants “indepenence” but yet would in reality, if successful in being able to join the EU as an independent state, be outnumbered in every vote, and unable to defend Scotland’s interests. Monetary controls on the other hand would be handled by the Bank of England, if they are agreeable, and there are no plans for a truely independent asset based currency, by Salmond. There is no policy on Pensions, or other benefits, No policy on Northern Ireland Scots, No Policy on immigration from EU States. Fatuous policies on energy supplies. Salmond is a figure of ridicule, and so this is why Mr. Green’s cartoons are sold and published. It is your perogative to dislike or even take exeption to this ridicule, but satire of political figures is a well established and valid form of comment. Many dozens of further cartoons by Green and others can simply be found by a “Google Search”.

      Readers wishing to explore more serious policies of UKIP ought to read the publised Manifestos, which are to be found elsewhere on this website – hint : use the search box.

  3. Michael Fisher says:

    Reblogged this on Michael Fisher.

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