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  2. Torolf Holmberg, Finland says:

    Suggestion Submitted on 2011/05/13 at 10:38 am [moved from another page]


    We have now come to a point in history when the energy-matter is virtually solved but very few are talking or willing to write about it.

    The solution is scalar-waves and wireless energy-transfer and this form of energy transfer interferes with energy from sun and gives about 1000% gain.

    This is Nikola Teslas 100-years old invention and now later on instead of the normally used Maxwell equation, Prof. Meyl chooses Faradays law of induction, as a hypothetical factor and proves that the electric vortex is a part thereof:

    Potential vortex, scalar waves & alternative energy – by Prof. Meyl

    Professor Meyl’s page at The Modern Energy Research Library

    No more use of oil or nuclear power if we do not want to but in the meantime we can use a very simple solution by saving gas for combustion-machines in cars:

    The spark plug “Firestorm” by Robert Krupa is tested and may give some 70% saving. Testing in Detroit proved a 70% savings in fuel all while affording a 125 More Horsepower. It is a Paradigm Shift in Air Fuel Ratio as this plug operates at 30 to 1 Air to Fuel Ratio. All current IC engines operate at 14.7 to 1 and require a Cat and EGR.

    More information on the FireStorm Plasma iPlug

    Professor Neville Jackson article, and note the comments by “Henryk”

    • Indeed there are many references to the “forgotten technology” of Nikola Tesla. The fact is that Thomas Edison made sure that these patents were cloaked in secrecy, since they conflicted with many of his own ideas, and in many cases outshone them.

      When it came to the time that others then tried to construct many of the devices envisaged by Tesla, because modern materials had improved to the degree to make such contraptions possible, few were able to fathom the reasoning and principles of Tesla’s innovations, and struggled to produce any working article at all.

      When such devices do then surface from time to time, they are then vilified and branded as hoaxes, by the established energy and transport corporations. Naturally enough it is not in the oil companies best interest to have a vehicle travel twice as far on a litre of fuel. Similarly, the electricity supply company, doesn’t actually want you to use less electricity in your household appliances.

      A Government influenced by UKIP would seek to pursue such research further, and properly investigate such innovative forms of harnessing energy, instead of the current Government’s ideas of rehashing old and tired medieval technologies, like windmills & etc.

      Worth seeing is this interview with Robert Krupa, on the UNICUS Magazine website. UKIP Scotland may publish a more extensive article on Tesla Technologies in the future. – Thanks Torolf.

      Interview with Robert Krupa – Firestorm spark plug

  3. Henryk says:

    I wrote about the invention of plasma ignition in the car. I wrote to Prof. Neville Jackson no answers, suggestions, write to the organization of Low Carbon Cars in Lodynie a lack of interest in the subject or answer. Automotive industry is not interested in reducing fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. Such solutions patent for 15 years are not of interest from car manufacturers, and already by of laser ignition in the car.

    Maybe in Scotland would find itself willing to invest in a U.S. patent, which I described earlier. Inventor Robert Krupa is looking for assistance in the implementation of this invention for 15 years.Why the story has to be repeated as the invention Jems Dyson, who himself had to produce his revolutionary vacuum cleaner.

    [sadly this is an all too familiar tale. Scotland is a land of "green" bootlickers who will suck-up to Al Gore, or Al Salmond, and damn the real environment, so long as they look good to their ignorant friends. - Ed]

  4. rob says:

    nigal tells the truth in europe cant the new snp government help to put pressure on the failure of this fiscal policy before it happens to scotland

    • The Scottish National Party are Europhiles. The SNP President is none other than Ian Hudghton MEP. He (and other SNP MEPs) sit with the “Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance”, where “Green” is the operative word. They are a bunch of blinkered and fatuous clods who have fallen for the rhetoric of Al Gore and his shady pals.

      SNP First Minister Salmond (a supposed professional economist) continually recites the mantra …. Independance within the EU is Scotland’s future. That will be a pretty bleak future, considering the state of the Euro, and the European Central Bank. Don’t you think?

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