Monckton Pans Bureaucrat Power Grab – Endorses Ron Paul

Lord Monckton, noted man-made climate-change critic, talks with Alex Jones, about an effort by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to vastly expand its power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of “sustainable development.” He goes on to criticise the EU for advising the UN how to create self-amending treaties, which can then be expanded by unelected bureaucrats. As a tireless campaigner for liberty, truth, justice, and freedom from overbearing and corrupt bureaucracies, Monckton denounced all US Republican Presidential Candidates, with the notable exception of Ron Paul.

If people want to vote for Ron Paul, that is thier choice, and they should have the absolute right to excercise it.”, said Monckton. He continued. “If Ron Paul is the only one who isn’t buying into all this enviro-garbage, then he’s the one you should vote for.

Part 1

Part 2

This is Lord Monckton’s view, and not yet an Official UKIP Endorsement of Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Republican Party Candidate for President of The United States

               Ron Paul    Ron Paul - Legalise Freedom

Golden State Viral Video – The Ron Paul Song

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Watch this presentation : see why so many are endorsing Ron Paul


Troops for Ron Paul : Endorse Liberty


 One last best hope : Ron Paul – part 1

 One last best hope : Ron Paul – part 2


Nigel Farage and Ron Paul – Common ground across the Atlantic


The Euro Breakdown – Nigel Farage prophesied it!


Having seen the above video presentations you may well ask . . . . .

Who is really behind this contemptuous agenda ?

Could it be The Club of Rome & The Committee of 300 ?


For more on Coleman, Kissinger & Club of Rome, Committee of 300 & more: See Here


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2 Responses to Monckton Pans Bureaucrat Power Grab – Endorses Ron Paul

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  2. Albert Meyer says:

    Voters who want wars, torture, assassinations, “humanitarian” bombings in oil rich countries, indefinite detentions, drone attacks that kill the innocent, erosion of civil liberties, domestic war on the people (drug war), out-of-control debt and spending, graft and greed, crony capitalism, pandering to special interests, bailouts, more of the same, must not vote for Ron Paul.

    Voters who want peace, a humane foreign policy, restoration of civil liberties, sound money, balanced budgets, honesty, integrity and transparency in government, and a President wholly committed to Constitutional government can vote for Ron Paul.

    Ain’t that difficult a choice.

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