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Run UN Agenda 21 out of town today

Lord Christopher Monckton reports from Australia Feb 2013

Who is Lord Monckton Anyway ? – Click Here to find out !


Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming

Jesse Ventura is the former Governor of the US State of Minnesota, and here in this 7-part YouTube playlist, featuring Lord Monckton among others, he explains how and why Sir Maurice Strong has corrupted science in order to make moneys and strive to create a One World Government. As part of this agenda, the EU and the Euro were created so as to exert control over you and me. Do Not Vote for those Old Political Parties in Local Council and Parliamentary Elections, who stood by and allowed this to happen. In Scotland and the rest of Britain, Only UKIP opposes this Tyranny – video courtesy of TruTV

Click on above image – 7-Part Video Playlist – opens in a new window
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 Interviews Featuring Viscount Monckton and Related Materials

Christopher Monckton & Bernard Ponsonby (STV – APR 2011)

Ponsonby & MoncktonClick Here For Video at Justin TV (Deleted from YouTube)


Monckton’s 2-minute Carbon Economics Lesson

In this 6 minute clip from The Glen Beck Show in 2009, the venerable Viscount shames the World’s, so called “economic experts”, by trashing the economics of climate change mitigation, (by attempting to control CO2 emissions). The mathematics are surely inescapable. Monckton explains that we would require to close down the industries of the entire Globe, and sit freezing and starving in the darkness for more than 30 years,  so as to forestall just ONE Fahrenheit DEGREE of “Global Waming”.


Alex Jones Show Radio Feed issue fixed 29 July 2011 (DNS was delisted)

Previously on the Alex Jones Show

Lord Monckton on the eve of the Scots Election Day

monckton in kilt

Christopher Monckton at home in Scotland

On Wednesday 4th May 2011 @  19:30 BST (13:30 Texas)

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*** Alex Jones Show – 4th May 2011 Audio Only MP3 Full Podcast ***

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(Lord Monckton appears at about 2½ hours into the show)


Previously on the Alex Jones Show

Lord Monckton on Alex Jones’ show – Wed 27 April

Thanks to Alex Jones, Christopher Monckton, UKIP Lead Candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife was able to by-pass the normal Scottish media and spoke directly, not only to the voters in Scotland but also to a world wide audience, on Wed 27 Apr 11 at 6.30pm. Live on the Alex Jones Show. Viscount Monckton took the chance on the Alex Jones Show on to let the voters hear some of the topics that the other parties don’t want to talk about. He talked about the senseless waste of your money as the SNP dash to turn Scotland into a giant wind farm and also about giving a voice back to the Scottish people using UKIP’s Swiss Style Referenda policy.  He furthermore revealed that he had been ostracised by the mainstream news media organisations in Scotland, and disclosed than an STV “official” had told him that he would “Never Get On Air”. Video of this show posted below.  Don’t miss this latest reavealing episode of the show where the hidden agenda behind “Global Warming” is revealed, and Lord Monckton has a surprise in store for the Globalists !!!

 On Wednesday 27th April 2011 @ 18:30 BST (12:30 Texas)

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*** Alex Jones Show – 27th April 2011 Audio Only MP3 Full Podcast ***

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Lord Monckton mentioned Vaclav Klaus on the show


Lord Monckton mentioned Lord Lawson on the show

Lord Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer 1983 – 1989


Previously on the Alex Jones Show

 On Wednesday 20th April 2011 @ 18:30 BST (12:30 Texas)

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*** Alex Jones Show – 20th April 2011 Audio Only MP3 Podcast ***

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On the Easter Sunday 2011 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with journalist, radio host, television host on the Fox Business Network, and author Lou Dobbs. Additional guests include Lord Christopher Monckton, British politician, public speaker, former newspaper editor and outspoken critic of the theory of anthropogenic global warming (repeat of last wednesday’s excerpt); author, researcher, and GCN radio host Webster Tarpley; and trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author Gerald Celente.

*** Alex Jones Sunday Show – 24th April 2011 Audio Only MP3 Podcast ***

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“There’s a War On For Your Mind”

>>>The Alex Jones Show – Live Audio M3U Feed – Every Day<<<

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No Holds Barred Political Discussion Show
(after live broadcast, show repeats until next broadcast)


Previously on the Alex Jones TV Show – 8th Dec 2009

Lord Monckton – World Government & Scientific Fraud at Copenhagen!

monckton-alexjones-8dec2009 5 Part Playlist – opens in a new window – Click Picture


Viscount Monckton – Minnesota Free Market Institute Speech

Famously, Lord Monckton gave a 95 minute speech on the 14th  October 2009, during a presentation in St. Paul, Minnesota,  USA, on the subject of global warming. In this speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans & the Entire World, regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that was scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009. Monckton’s entire speech with updated slides must be seen below :

A draft of the failed Copenhagen treaty can be read here:

 Sadly for the Global Governance Brigade, that speech seemed to  destroy the resolve of some major players in the scam, er scheme, and the whole idea was put off until the Mexico summit. Even though it was again resurrected in Cancun, the carbon alamists had no more success in Mexico, since due to a cruel twist of fate, the actual winter weather contrived to destroy their entire argument, when the northern hemisphere became unusually cold.

In Scotland, the “Climate” Minister was forced to resign, as chaos descended on the Scottish road network, and thousands of people were left stranded in their cars on the principal Scottish Motorway, the M8. The beleaguered and hapless SNP Climate Supremo, had to cancel his trip to sunny Mexico, and instead “considered his position”. It was untenable, and he retired from the Scottish Government in disgrace. Can we now forget that insane episode ? Why should we vote for these inept fools again ?


Lord Christopher Monckton at the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming hearing, “The Foundation of Climate Science” on May 6, 2010.  Witnesses testified about the science behind global climate change theories and controversies about the foundation for predictions of global warming. They refer to the controversy as “Climategate”, a 2009 leak of controversial e-mails written by British and American climate researchers.

Watch the entire performance on CSPAN


The Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Many are the books and reports that rail against mankind’s usage of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil, because of the copious quantities of carbon dioxide or CO2 that their combustion releases to the atmosphere. Indeed, this phenomenon is routinely castigated in numerous print and visual venues as a result of the unproven predictions of catastrophic CO2-induced global warming that are derived from theoretical computer-driven simulations of the state of earth’s climate decades and centuries into the future. Now, however, comes a book that does just the opposite, and that describes a host of real-world benefitsthat the controversial atmospheric trace gas provides, first to earth’s plants and then to the people and animals that depend upon them for their sustenance.

The book is The Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment, written by the son/father team of Craig D. and Sherwood B. Idso. It is encyclopedic in nature, with fifty-five different subjects treated and arranged in alphabetical order — starting with Air Pollution Stress (Non-Ozone) and ending with Wood Density — each of which entries comes with its own set of reference citations. The book is subtitled How humanity and the rest of the biosphere will prosper from this amazing trace gas that so many have wrongfully characterized as a dangerous air pollutant. It may not be everything you “always wanted to know” about the bright side of the issue; but it illuminates a number of significant aspects of earth’s biosphere and its workings, as well as mankind’s reliance on the biosphere for food and numerous other material necessities that are hardly ever mentioned by the mainstream media.

Brief synopses of each of the 55 sections of the book may be found at

 while the book hardcopy can be ordered from Vales Lakes Publishing, Inc.


 Global Warming Fraudsters ?  – Lord Monckton says, “Jail The Lot !”

More from Lord Monckton will appear in that window at the end of the current video


Lord Monckton Speaks with Robert Green, about Hollie Greig

Although Lord Monckton attended, he was hardly allowed to actually speak at the so called,  ‘Speakers Debate’ in Perth. This important issue which he is well aware of, is the ‘Hollie Greig’ campaign, which is probably the biggest issue to be covered up, by both politicians and the media. The allegation is; that Paedophile rings operated at the highest levels of the ‘Establishment’. There is no doubt that this is a controversial issue, but it cannot be settled until all the evidence is given a fair hearing in a proper legal examination. Lord Monckton then expounds on the lack of coverage that UKIP have received from the Scottish Media, during the Holyrood campaign, and in particular the biased and prejudicial attitude of the BBC. [Brussels Broadcasting Corporation ? - Ed]

[readers who doubt that such things do actually happen may care to see the following websites : Hollie Greig campaign & Robert Green's Blog - Ed]


  Brian Gerrish – Some Things He Knows

This is just one of very many videos that Mr. Gerrish has made about these subjects. This was uploaded originally in December 2010. It really is well worth while listening to what this man has to say about Common Purpose, an apparently sinister, insidious, Marxist organisation. All the tired old parties are involved. You have really only one choice if you want a just society. Vote UKIP for a fresh new approach, and to shine a light into the dark places of UK In Politics. We must change our voting patterns or become slaves to the EU.



Presented by Brian Gerrish & Anthony J Hilder

This video is a preview of the material which will be used in a forthcoming, full feature length film by Anthony Hilder, featuring the work of Brian Gerrish, and will be on general release in cinemas throughout the Globe. Let’s hope that YOU get the message before it is too late. United Kingdom’s Independent Position is in danger. The Old Parties love the EU.


Know what the Globalists think. CHECK The Facts (according to the CIA)

Complete online version of the CIA World Factbook



12 Responses to Media Page

  1. Peter says:

    I never knew that Lord Monckton had been so diligent in the past. Those Alex Jones videos, showed that World Government isn’t just a conspiracy theory then, and it isn’t just an electoral gimmick. He has been after those crooks & fraudsters for years. I will certainly vote UKIP on the list in Perth, and my pal in Burntisland says he will too.

  2. John says:

    That was a great show, must hear more of the same. I hope that Lord Monckton will get these crooks in the dock, and they must answer to a Judge…….

    In A Court Of Law

  3. Calum Brown says:

    “Why should we vote for these inept fools again ?”

    Why indeed, we voted them in and they mucked it up.

    Labour, then Labour & Libdem pact, then Salmond’s coalition of the foolish and foolhardy. They are a joke, quite literally. The joke is on us because we have been made to pay, to have our society dismantled and our industry destroyed by uber-expensive fuel costs, and excruciating Brussels regulations.

    There IS only one solution: VOTE UKIP and GET MONCKTON ELECTED

    Next time elect a whole bunch of UKIP members to Holyrood.

    From none, to one, to several, to many.
    It has been done before. It can be done again.

  4. David says:

    He’ll get my vote in Perth too

  5. James McLean says:

    I can’t wait to hear what Lord Monckton will reveal about Alex Salmond’s crazy plans. Salmond thinks that we can run industrial processes using the intermittant and feeble power generated by wind turbines. This is economic madness. I thought that Salmond was supposed to be an economist who worked for the Scottish banks in the past. No wonder they all went bust then.

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  10. Brian Murphy says:

    Thanks for putting up those Estbourne Conference videos, I couldn’t attend because I was out of the Country at that time. I shall look forward to viewing and listening to what those speakers had to say. Soon there will be many more Members of UKIP elected to Councils & Parliaments. The Public are tired of the diet of same, same, same, and you’ll damn well like it “old guard” politicians.

  11. Pingback: Rise of The EU Commissars: Lord Monckton on Alex Jones TV | ukipscotland

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