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Salmond’s SNP are the laughing stock of Scotland

SNP Political Cartoons – By Iain Green of The Scotsman   See more Iain Green Cartoons in the Scotsman Newspaper from time to time. All rights reserved © 2008 – 2012 Johnston Publishing Ltd    Advertisements

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Huhne Ministerial Statement on Energy & Climate Change

Junior Ministers look on glumly as Huhne is forced to concede that Solar Panels are uneconomic, and Feed-in Tariffs are enriching middleclasses at the expense of the poor and elderly. Full Afternoon Debate at Westminster on Solar Panels Subsidies, preceded by Statement … Continue reading

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Monckton’s Maths Shatters Climate Change Mitigation Hoax

Maryland Climate Proposals – Economic & Scientific Review Lord Monckton joined Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, and spoke at the Turning the Tides conference, on 31st October 2011 in Pikesville, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. In addressing the threat to private property rights posed by U.N. Agenda … Continue reading

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John O’Sullivan Censored for Revealing CO2 Truth ?

As revealed by Jo Nova on her blog …. John O’Sullivan Censored? John O’Sullivan wrote this story up a few days ago (link defunct). After two years of writing for “Suite 101″, he has just been suddenly shut down without … Continue reading

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Historical Deceptions : The European Union

DANGERS OF THE NEW EU AND HOW IT AFFECTS EVERYONE Guest Post by Joel Skousen, plus related video interview & new startling expose ! “Every country in the world, including the UK, can learn crucial lessons about the dangers inherent to the emerging New … Continue reading

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