This Blog was originally for reporting the election campaign of UKIP Scotland, during the 2011 Scottish General Election for MSPs elected to serve at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, Edinburgh. Leading Candidate, Christopher Monckton stood in the Mid-Scotland & Fife Regional Constituency on the Additional Members List, and this Blog was originally principally about his candidacy. Although it may seem like there are no new stories on this blog recently, the blog is regularly monitored, and new material is added to existing headlined stories when it is deemed necessary. Just because information may have been posted some time ago, does not make it irrelevant. Some video playlists do automatically update with new material, for instance. If you should see some error, then feel free to comment on that. This website will no longer be providing posters, manifesto downloads and leaflets etc. This website will now soley be used for the promotion of matters involving Lord Monckton and his agenda. Other UKIP Officials will presumably now provide these services from their own resources.

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

Who is Lord Monckton Anyway ? – See this one hour interview



[ 03 December 2013 ]

In Autumn 2013, Serious infighting within the UKIP Party in Scotland, which had been going on for a year, or longer had come to a head when Lord Monckton had questioned “irregularities” in the Candidate selection process, which was seemingly interfered with from London. Lord Monckton and very many of his Scottish Colleagues objected to this imperialist behaviour. Because London would not pay any heed to the wishes of the Scottish Membership, and he did not get the support of the London NEC. Lord Monckton and his many loyal supporters then resigned from UKIP Scotland’s Leadership, and this has resulted in an estranged Scot, Dave Coburn (UKIP London Chairman) being selected as the Lead Candidate for the future. Coburn will operate via a Puppet Regime, which is now set up in the West of Scotland, under the direction of “A. Misty Thackeray” in Lanarkshire. Readers may wish to see this Definitive News Report, available at STV Video on Demand.

Scotland Tonight: Is UKIP north of the border at war with itself?

Lord Christopher Monckton was sacked as Scottish Leader by Nigel Farage, and he says his departure has led to anger among members and caused other high-profile resignations, giving the impression of a party at war with itself.  However Mr Farage and his allies have pledged to build a new party in Scotland, equipped to contest European Parliament elections and win fresh support.  Scotland Tonight was joined by Lord Monckton and the party’s new so called “lead candidate” in Scotland, David Coburn.

 – – – Click Here For STV News Video – – –

The above website video Link May Expire, or be restricted by IP Number, and other inhibitory policies by STV. However we do hope to get a “YouTube” copy up here soon.



4 Responses to About

  1. Bryan McFadyen says:

    I wish you luck at the polls on Thursday.
    May your deposit be saved, and your
    opponents blushes not spared.

  2. David Wilson says:

    Would be more than happy to vote for UKIP, unfortunately no local candidate standing in Caithness, you need to find more candidates!

  3. Mike Flaherty says:

    It is appalling the way that Lord Monckton was backstabbed by these London Control Freaks. They are the ones who Mr. Farage ought to be sacking, and not Lord Monckton and his chums. I can’t cast my vote for UKIP while it is controlled by a bunch of London “Fat Cats”.

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