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Please put any general tips for investigations, stories, or other general comments, which may be unrelated to a specific posting in the Blog, on the Suggestions & Complaints page. The moderators will study them and may then take action, publish them, or expand them into a full story or investigation at National level. You speak and we listen. Now that’s refreshing from a Political Party.

Check out the stories on the Blog, see the videos on the Media page, see also the low resolution videos at our Live TV channel (recordings at the Justin TV website). These are great for viewing on your i-Phone or other handheld video device. Videos and MP3s at this site, can usually be captured and recorded to your own device using Real Player 15 (Free Edition). Pay attention to the options and tickboxes if installing Real Player, do not allow Real Player to take over control of all your media files. There is no need to actually install the Google Chrome Web-Browser, Google Toolbar, & other pointless rubbish. Untick all that “Bloatware”, Real Player doesn’t need you to have it. Read the instructions please. 🙂

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