Huhne Ministerial Statement on Energy & Climate Change

Junior Ministers look on glumly as Huhne is forced to concede that Solar Panels are uneconomic, and Feed-in Tariffs are enriching middleclasses at the expense of the poor and elderly. Full Afternoon Debate at Westminster on Solar Panels Subsidies, preceded by Statement by Chris Huhne MP about cutting subsidies. In my opinion, Huhne didn’t go far enough.

Peter Lilley MP spelled out the truth, that these schemes will never be commercially viable, because in the UK we simply do not get enough sunshine, and of course the Sun doesn’t shine at night. Most MPs on all sides of the House are woefully ignorant of the reality of these schemes. What an utter waste of such a knowledgeable and able Conservative politician. Languishing on the back benches, when clearly he ought to be the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, instead of current incumbent Chris Huhne.

How they all howled in protest at the cuts in Government subsidies, but as even Huhne had to admit, this isn’t sustainable, or even sensible. A travesty, a shame, a disgrace said Labour Members. Yet it was they who instigated a scheme that actually helps to impoverish their own traditional supporters. Sheer lunacy all round, with few dissenting voices.

Huhne statement begins at around 12:35 (after PMQs)

Opposition Day Solar Panel Debate follows on afterwards.

Peter Lilley MP appears at just before 17:56


picture courtesy P.A.

When he was at the  Green Fiscal Commission , Chris Huhne colluded with Lord Chris Smith : Chairman, Environment Agency, Elliot Morley MP (Lab), Colin Challen MP (Lab), Greg Barker MP (Con), Lord Ron Oxburgh former BP Chairman, and Chair of a Climategate enquiry, Lord Adair Turner : Chair of the Committee on Climate Change & Chair of the Financial Services Authority. Plainly he is now compromised in this Ministerial position, as is Greg Barker.

Hundreds of billions of pounds of “green taxes” should be introduced to create jobs and reduce pollution, said a Government-backed think-tank. The Green Fiscal Commission (GFC), whose members include MPs from the three main political parties, is urging £150bn of new taxes. Its recommendations, the result of a two-year study, include a household energy tax, tripling of fuel duty over the next 10 years and a £3,300 levy on new cars. – story from Sky News – October 2009

The Commission wants fuel duty up by 300%

Twenty quid now gets you less than 15 litres of fuel, but the Green Fiscal Commission would like you to get less than 5 litres of fuel for that price. Such policies would lead to massive hikes in prices of basic foodstuffs, as well as white & brown goods in the shops, due to transport costs, leading to increased wage demands, inflation, and industrial unrest.

 The Labour government came into power promising a shift to a policy of the “polluter pays” but Greenpeace believes it began to retreat from that position, notably after the fuel protests in August 2000 caused oil refineries to be blockaded and widespread disruption. The Case for Green Fiscal Reform, to be launched tomorrow by Lord Turner, head of the committee on climate change and chairman of the Financial Services Authority, seeks a rise in the proportion of environmental-based taxes in the overall tax take from 7% to 15%. When Labour came to power, environmental-based taxation accounted for 9% of the tax take. – story from Guardian – October 2009

You may recall that this is a politician who sat on the Green Fiscal Commission, which demanded higher energy prices. Now, in front of the Lib Dem conference, he is criticising energy companies for not cutting them. And his Coalition colleague, the hopeless Greg Barker, is up to the same trick. He, too, is a climate change alarmist and, yes, he also sat on that commission. – story from Daily Mail – September 2011

….. there will be more on this story in the future
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One Response to Huhne Ministerial Statement on Energy & Climate Change

  1. neilcraig says:

    Last night on Newsnight compare and contrast obsequious Paxo’s treatement of Huhne – he let him away with the most outrageous lies like saying that a free market in electricity would mean considerably higher prices without Paxo even mentioning that prices are 1/4 as much in several freer markets worldwide.

    Then he hosted a lynching (hinmself and 3 others on the same side) of a spohesman for one of the companies that actually produce the electricity – blaming them for the high prices when Paxo must know it is entirely the fault of parasitic politicians of which Huhne is an extreme example.

    [ BBC iPlayer has expired their recording of this show
    .... but there is a 15 minute clip on YouTube -Editor ]

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