Posters & Leaflets


This page was originally prepared for the 2011 Elections for The Scottish Parliament. Where UKIP may be standing in Scotland in the Future, you should contact their local candidate for materials when & if they contact you. New and updated posters will no longer be added to this page which has now been archived.  [Editor – 04 December 2013]


4 Responses to Posters & Leaflets

  1. Terry B. says:

    Got any car windscreen stickers that just say VOTE UKIP or some stuff like small policy booklets on the global warming lies and rubbish, that I could print out to show my friends and people at the office. You know the kind of thing. I will check back here tomorrow and hope you can assist.

    • OK Terry, there are now some window & bumper stickers for cars and offices, and so on. Later on I will put some leaflets here with extracts from the UKIP manifesto, & etc.

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  3. Living so far north in the Highlands we do tend to get limited action for UKIP but this will help raise questions amongst my friends who probably aren’t aware of UKIP, (yet)its policies or Manifesto..given time we shall spread the word..from little acorns Oak Trees grow :o)

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