Contact Candidates


The telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for the leading candidates, in each Regional List, and Constituency, where UKIP are standing, during Holyrood, Westminster and other Elections, are in need of updating probably, since this page was archived. Should you wish to arrange a local meeting or hustings, then please contact them via their local website (if one exists), or if in doubt contact the London UKIP HQ.

[archived 03 December 2013 – Editor]



3 Responses to Contact Candidates

  1. W Brown says:

    The closest MP for my area in Alloa is Brian Goldie – Larbert. Why don’t we have a UKIP candidate for our area? I’m sick of the same old Labour/SNP routine!

  2. Elaine till says:

    Why is there not a candadate in the leith / trinity area I’m not interested in any thr e other choices

    • For the moment there is no Parliamentary election in Leith/Trinity area, but that doesn’t mean that UKIP are not intererested in Leith / Trinity. Just that there is no local organiser at that locus. Otto Inglis, who is standing as our Candidate in Aberdeen Donside, is the local Edinburgh organiser, and if you are interested in setting up a local supporters group in the Leith / Trinity area of the town, I am sure that he would offer every assistance in getting your group to put forward Candidates for any future elections in the area, at all levels of local democracy.

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