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Tory MP fights windfarm while planning his own

When villagers launched a campaign to stop four giant wind turbines spoiling their sweeping landscape, their local MP was only too happy to lend his support. What the campaigners did not know was that their highest-profile backer was trying to build … Continue reading

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Monckton exposes Fake Greenland Map & CO2 Fraud

Lord Monckton again appeared on the Infowars Nightly Newscast on Wed 21st Sept 2011 He spoke about Murry Salby’s CO2 research & revealed that the Times Map of the World had been corrupted to show a bogus map of Greenland, and other areas … Continue reading

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Monckton Comments on Gore’s 24hr BS Marathon

On the Wednesday edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex talks with Christopher Monckton about warmist guru Al Gore and his 24 hours of BS and lies as the globalists push their insidious civilization reduction plan under the touchy-feely cover of … Continue reading

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A new game from CFACT in which you fire corks at cows bottoms to prevent them releasing deadly greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere…..   Just a few words from Al Gore before you play the game Click the Play Button … Continue reading

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Scots Special Adviser on Climate is SNP Apparatchik ?

Stephen Gethins, who graduated with a degree as Bachelor of Laws, awarded by Dundee University in 1998, and previously worked at SNP Party HQ, and was also Administrator for the Westmister SNP Parliamentary MP’s Group, is now  *was advising Alex Salmond … Continue reading

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SNP Government Energy Policy Lies In Tatters

  A new report into the future of “Green Jobs” in Britain, by Professor Gordon Hughes of The  University of Edinburgh is highly critical of Economic Strategy. The SNP Government’s green policies are simplistic and even fatuous, when compared with reality. According to an article by … Continue reading

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