Monckton’s Maths Shatters Climate Change Mitigation Hoax

Maryland Climate Proposals – Economic & Scientific Review

Lord Monckton joined Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, and spoke at the Turning the Tides conference, on 31st October 2011 in Pikesville, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. In addressing the threat to private property rights posed by U.N. Agenda 21 and its ideological offspring, Governor O’Malley’s “Plan Maryland.”

“Sustainable Development” is the buzzphrase being used to camouflage this latest government power grab which threatens your private property rights. “Plan Maryland: At the Crossroads” is slated to address the doctrine’s economic, development, and technical premises including: its relation to water pollution mandates, septic system issues, social equity and health benefits related to Compact development, and the economics of global warming. Viscount Monckton will speak to the latter subject.

Note that this is the very same “Agenda 21” which is now being pursued by the European Union, and which Alex Salmond’s SNP “government” will require to sign up to as part of the Maastricht & Lisbon Treaty obligations. The pseudo-independence of Scotland [but still tied to the EU] as envisaged by Salmond would not alter these facts. Therefore this doctrine or one very like it is soon to be imposed on Scotland, and indeed the UK as a whole. Monckton’s economic arguments are compelling.

[ This is an official upload by Carroll County Government, MD, USA ]

Monckton’s groundbreaking analysis shatters the paradigm that mitigation measures will be cost effective. His dissection of Maryland’s Climate Mitigation Strategy has wider implications for Scotland, The United Kingdom, and indeed the rest of the World. Can we afford not to do nothing?  What justification is there for any kind of “carbon capture” scheme now? How can any Government now rationalize charging taxes based on hydrocarbon consumption, in the face of such erudite mathematical onslaught, such as Monckton has demonstrated in this presentation, based on his forthcoming paper?


As mentioned by Lord Monckton in his own presentation, here is a video recording of the speech, by Václav Klaus at the recent Conference on the Science and Economics of Climate Change held at the Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge, UK on 10th May 2011, in two parts lasting about 25 minutes in total.

Václav Klaus on the Economics of Climate Change Policies

Part 1

Part 2


So then the economic arguments as to why we should not proceed with Climate Mitigation Strategies, are laid out by Lord Monckton and President Vaclav Klaus, but why are those schemes really being promoted? The organisers of the Maryland conference believe that this is part of United Nations Agenda 21, but how did that agenda come into being, and what is really behind the Climate Change Scare and Carbon Tax programs? Some readers may find the following material uncomfortable and rather shocking. None of the mainstream political parties will discuss or even mention these matters, and you must ask yourself why this is?


Sustainable Development and Agenda 21

As mentioned in the conference notes, and touched upon by Lord Monckton, Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

The RIO SUMMIT in 1992 was backed by the Rockerfellers, Maurice Strong and Al Gore, among other power elites. Heads of state and environmentalists set out new rules for the global population to live by. This was said to be in the interest of saving the planet from the disasters pending from being too heavily populated.

In the UK the agenda was originally pushed from John Prescott’s office of Deputy Prime Minister, with Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose Organisation. CP graduates are pushing through the Agenda 21 diktats as part of their plan to lead the people into a communitarian society. This 67 minute video, originally recorded in 2008, sets out the Sustainable Development agenda from the UK viewpoint.

 Should you wish, then find those books and websites quoted in the above video, and then do your own research into those claims. You know what’s right and what isn’t. Trust your own instincts, as to who is lying, and who is telling you the truth on these matters.


The Global Governance Controversy – Who to believe ?

When you, as an individual, delve into the depths of the morass that is the Global Governance Structure promoted by the United Nations, the European Union, and other such overarching entities, you will find a lot of controversial information and argument. In the end YOU must decide for yourself what’s true and what isn’t, by YOUR OWN researches.

When an author writes a book you cannot see them. This may seem an obvious statement, but there is much to be gleaned by studying facial expressions and body language, as to whether the author is genuine or not. This is why this blog does place some emphasis on video clips and lectures where possible, so that YOU can watch those persons stating their claims, and then YOU can decide what is true and what isn’t.

There are many authors and researchers who have delved into this material and have repackaged it in a way that is more easy for the average individual to understand. Alan Watt is just one such researcher. Much of what he says you will find uncomfortable and even shocking, but we urge you to check the facts of what he claims for yourselves, before making any rash judgement. We do not present this next video here as a dogma, but rather as an inspirational piece for you to be encouraged to do your own researches into the matters exposed by Alan Watt, then YOU decide what’s true and what isn’t.

Alan Watt – The PrisonPlanet TV Interview (2008) – 2 hours


Want to know more? Then see the ……

Official United Nations Agenda 21 Documentation

See the full official Agenda 21 at the UN Website

Does this differ from what you have been told in those videos?

Will you now continue to vote for Parties who agree with this agenda?


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One Response to Monckton’s Maths Shatters Climate Change Mitigation Hoax

  1. Innes McNeil says:

    This is a BOMBSHELL for Labour Supporters like me who read this and saw the videos. I never knew about why the Labour Party really came about or how it was corrupted by these Fabians and the others in those videos. Am I a fool for thinking that Labour was about supporting the working man. I am sure that many people in the Labour movement are genuine and don’t know about these secret agenda, but I for one can no longer support them. I must now have a long think about which, if any political party I can now trust, but you have certainly opened my eyes.

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