Monckton on Canadian TV – Global Warming Hoax

“Little or No Link Between CO2 Concentration Trend and Temperature”

Again the Vigilant Viscount has to resort to a foreign broadcaster to get his message across. It’s what we’ve come to expect, that the BBC will not allow him airtime, because by his very words and deeds, he is indirectly threatening the multi-million pound pension fund of the BBC employees.

This is hardly Lord Monckton’s fault though. It is the BBC Governors who should answer for their crimes, instead of showing bias and prejudice towards those who would tell the public the truth on such issues. They are afraid and rightly so, because when BBC employees eventually realise what has happened, they will rightly call for legal action to be taken against those who jeopardised their pensions, by investing in such bogus and hokum schemes.

Monckton appeared on the Canadian Sun News TV Show, “The Arena” with Michael Coren, and he delves into the Global Warming Scams once more. When will British Broadcasters give Lord Monckton the coverage he deserves ?


On the back of the predicted dismal failure of the doomed Longannet CCS Scheme, the UK Government is hastily backpeddling, whilst trying to save face, and hold on to some small vestige of integrity. A fearsome realisation is beginning to dawn on the UK Government in London, that they have been duped by scamsters who have connived with the ignorant and uneducated, to promote a bogus agenda.

Hundreds of millions of pounds have already been squandered upon gimcrack contrivances, which in reality are no more useful than Christmas tree baubles. Yet still in Scotland, Alex Salmond’s SNP so called “Government” still lurches along spouting the narrative of “green” hubris and the fantasy of “carbon capture and storage”, whilst now pretending to support the coal industry of Scotland.

The ignorance of our incumbent politicians is breathtaking and worrying. Surely Alex Salmond is now the last man on Earth that Scots would wish to see controlling their finances. Wasn’t he once a senior economist with a big Scottish Bank? Maybe that explains a thing or two about recent past events in the Scottish finance sector?


See also the two postings at this website on the Longannet Project Debacle.
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3 Responses to Monckton on Canadian TV – Global Warming Hoax

  1. Pingback: The Global Warming Scam. The Global Alarmists will run and hide when they see this video. The everyday people will be infuriated once they realize they have been deceived!

  2. Yes that video at the internet scam busters website was indeed shocking for the uninitiated. Megavideo Streams have all died off since the domain was seized earlier this year (2012).

    The Megavideo clip was however taken from one of Alex Jones Documentary Films, “The Obama Deception”, which in it’s entirety heavily criticises the real agenda of the Democrat Administration in the United States of America. The original 25 minute clip dealt with the implications of Carbon Taxation as part of that bogus agenda, and has ramifications for the UK and the rest of Europe, as well as the USA.

    The full documentary is perhaps outwith the scope of this website, in so far as we are usually concerned with Britain and the EU, and in particular the Scottish position. Nevertheless since the disappearance of the original Megavideo stream, you will be as well watching the entire video so as to understand the context of the Carbon Tax as part of the overall “Deception”. So then here is a full version of that 114 minute video. Should you consider that irrelevant to the situation that Lord Monckton describes in his interview, then we would ask you to think carefully, and you will see a certain synergy with all these schemes and events, which may not be a coincidence.

    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version (Over 9.5M Views)

    See also “Monckton Warns of End of Democracy in The UK” at this site, where there are further video contributions from Lord Monckton, Harry Beckhough, Brian Gerrish and Anthony J. Hilder, on this topic.

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  3. Moira says:

    I never knew these people did those things so out in the open, and cant believe I never noticed them doing it. Why do we ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE LED like sheep in this way, instead of fighting LIKE BRAVE SOLDIERS. We can’t STAND BY and do nothing. We do need to vote for GENUINE and HONEST people at every opportunity and I wish that UKIP could get into power because they seem to be the ONLY political party who IS REALLY AWAKE.

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