Longannet carbon capture scheme scrapped !

Updates ... [28th October 2011 - Now with video of Alex Salmond FMQs, Question #3] ... [4th November 2011 - Now with video of Nicola Sturgeon FMQs, Question #2] ... [9th November 2011 - Now with story of Hunterston Coal and Peterhead Gas schemes]

Plans for a carbon capture project at Longannet in Fife have been scrapped, the energy secretary has confirmed. Chris Huhne announced the failure to seal a deal for the scheme to capture carbon dioxide emissions and pipe them under the sea. Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed the problems in the Commons earlier.

Read More at BBC News Website & Video Report Available Below

On BBC Newsnight, broadcast to the public on Wednesday 19th October 2011, the recriminations start. The question put to the Prime Minister where he expressed doubts about the project in his answer, then the announcement only hours later when Secretary of State Chris Huhne had to sheepishly declare that the Longannet project had been cancelled, though said he, “the money is still there” for another project.

“Salmond’s Brain”, John Swinney MSP then tried to explain how this will affect SNP “Government” policy with regard to their “World Beating Climate Change Targets”, and the “vision” of Alex Salmond, for Scotland to be the “Carbon Capture Capital of the World”. The Peterhead Gas Fired Power Station is mooted as a replacement project, and although the owners, Scottish & Southern have expressed an interest, there are no firm plans to revive the previously abandoned problematic project at Peterhead.

Then “Professor” Stuart Haszeldine, who is the architect behind Longannet CCS Project, puts in a valedictory appearance but he expresses no remorse or apology for having wasted literally hundreds of millions of pounds on this hokum and bogus idea: That we can, and should “capture carbon” (in reality a natural compound of Carbon AND Oxygen – CO2), and then supposedly “sequestrate” this in so called “saline aquifers” or “disused oil strata” for thousands of years. 

The reality is something different as we shall come to realise. The “Professor” vacillates again, and there are weasel words from all concerned. When will the politicians wake up from their stupor, and realise that they have been had ?  


The Longannet Fiasco occupies the first 15 minutes of this edition of “Newsnight”. This is then followed by a short 5 minute piece about organic food and farming in Scotland.

Next BBC Radio Scotland Reports on the Fiasco from the point of view of Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, who is looking rather “green about the gills” on the eve of his annual SNP Party conference & bunfight. This was originally a radio clip, with no video.

How Long Will This SNP Green Hokum and Hubris Continue ?

On the 27th October 2011, First Minister Salmond again embarrassed himself, and the whole of Scotland by continuing to argue the case for “carbon capture and storage”. He proposes spending up to 10% of North Sea Oil Revenues on the doomed lash-up, and pledges to carry on lobbying the Westminster Parliament to have the failed project revived. Still he labours under the illusion that this was a real project based on sound science, when the truth is that Carbon Di-Oxide does not need to be captured at all, and the Longannet scheme was an unecessary burden upon industry and domestic energy. MSPs are stunned by this bravado, but some are just as ignorant as Alex Salmond himself on this issue.


On the 4th November 2011, Nicola Sturgeon MSP has to deputise for Alex Salmond at “First Minister’s Question Time”, since Salmond had gone on a Begging Tour of Middle Eastern Countries, to try to get funding to resurrect the dead “Carbon Capture & Storage” Scheme at Longannet Power Station, or elsewhere. It’s all a bit woolley and vague, this SNP Government rhetoric, but there is no money from the UK Exchequer for these fantasy schemes anymore. Finally now, at the end of his term of office as Labour Leader, Iain Gray MSP grows a spine, and asks the hard questions he should have asked months or even years ago. Gray’s reticence however has been baffling, since he is after all a qualified physics teacher. Finance and Industry experts say that the SNP Government’s so called “green power” ambitions are frankly impossible to fulfil. Sturgeon’s arrogance and ignorance is embarrasing for Scotland.


The SNP Government’s CCS Farce Continues . . .

Now we hear that due to pressure and bogus propaganda from advocacy groups and the SNP Government, that planning permission has been refused for the new Coal Fired Power Station at Hunterston in Ayrshire, which promised to generate the least expensive electricity in Britain, if not in the whole of the EU. Even though the company was prepared to play along with the CCS Hokum, proposals have been rejected by the local council.

Depraved cheering was heard from rabid supporters of those risible “carbon mitigation” policies, when this perverse decision was announced by North Ayrshire Council. Fatuous remarks included the following ignorant platitudes :  

Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland said: “It’s great news that the voices of the 21,000 people who objected to this climate-wrecking proposal have been heard by councillors. This was the wrong scheme in the wrong place. If the company have any sense they will cut their losses and walk away from this proposal, rather than fight a bitter, lengthy and expensive public inquiry over Scotland’s most unpopular planning application.”

Stan Blackley from Friends of the Earth Scotland added: “This vote should serve as another nail in the coffin for Peel’s disastrous development. It’s time to move away from burning fossil fuels, and it’s time the people of North Ayrshire stopped having unwanted polluting industry dumped on their doorstep.”

Full Propaganda Story at BBC News Website


Carbon capture plan for Peterhead mooted

Shell along with Scottish and Southern Energy, want to develop the so called “pioneering technology” of CCS at Peterhead power station. This will be a rehashing of the old plans that were cancelled by BP at the same site, when it was revealed that the entire scheme was a transparent deceit, which had more to do with Improved Oil & Gas Recovery from partially depleted strata which required repressurisation. This is normal pratice in the Oil & Gas industry, and really has nothing to do with the so called “Carbon Capture & Storage”. In fact there is virtually no capture of this gas at all in such schemes, because most of it comes back out the hole again, along with the “improved recovery” of the Oil & Gas. This is really about Oil & Gas Companies getting a Free Supply of CO2 that they would otherwise generate anyway themselves for the same purpose. Again Dixon, Blackley and a host of others make some ignorant and fatuous remarks.

Full Propaganda Story at BBC News Website


The Entire Scottish Parliament should know the following scientific truths.


The View From Galileo’s Window

The Sun, The CO2 Monster, and Earth’s Climate

CO2 is a natural & rare gas which is essential for all life on Earth. It is already in short supply. Not only do we not require to “sequestrate” it, but also anyone who attempts to do so is effectively committing a Crime against Humanity. CO2 does not drive “climate change”, instead the changing climate alters the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.  Solar Physicist, Dr.Willie Soon explains the reality of CO2 and Climate, and the important role of The Sun, in the following video presentation.


Why Carbon Capture & Storage is Economic Madness

Environment Canada wants to spend $6 billion to reduce the atmospheric concentration of a trace molecule by 0.01 ppmv, and assuming there is any advantage in doing so, supposedly cutting global temps by 0.0007°C. Just $84Trillion per degree, it would still cost one-eighteenth as much to just do nothing, and then  pay for any the theoretical damage that might ensue. In Scotland, SNP Policy is similar to that of Canada if not more so, and equally taxing on the economy, and arguably bad for the environment as well.




The Longannet CCS Project reminds me of a song …..

↓  ↓  ↓   Uprising – by MUSE   ↓  ↓ 

“Another promise, another seed
Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the, Green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined”

Words & Music by Muse © 2009 WMG

If you like Muse, then visit their website & support them.

Beware of “mind control” advertisements by Google.


 For background on Longannet, please see our earlier posting

Longannet Carbon Capture & Storage Debacle

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3 Responses to Longannet carbon capture scheme scrapped !

  1. scepticscot says:

    We will see lots of false indignation from Alex “lets destroy 80% of the Scottish economy” Salmond. Had they been that keen to see Westminster waste £1 bn on it they could have stumped up (& wasted) the remaining £300 mill.

    However it is a sign that, in the midst of a recession, Westminster is not quite as willing to blow billions on ideological nonsense as it used to be.

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  3. I delight in, result in I discovered just what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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