Monckton Reports on The Climate Change Scare Machine

If UK Television Companies refuse to allow Lord Monckton and his colleagues air-time, then he will of course make his own arrangements. State Broadcasters no longer have a monopoly in disseminating information. We give YOU the information, verify it for yourselves, then YOU keep deciding WHO is telling you the truth on these matters.

In this new video exposé on the Alex Jones Show, from Austin Texas, the irrepressible peer reports from his EU control room, on the latest plans of the Climate Change Stirrers. In this ½ hour interview, in 2 parts this report delves into the real question sociologists will be studying for years to come. How was an exaggerated scare, based on so little evidence, poor reasoning and petty name-calling, kept alive for two whole decades? 

Part 1

Part 2


The United Kingdom Fraud Act 2006

This is the Law which is relevant within the United Kingdom, but your country will have similar laws. Search the web for references like “Fraud Act” or Fraud Bill” and similar, appending the additional search term for your own country’s domain. eg: “Fraud Act”


See especially the sections :

  • 2 Fraud by false representation
  • 3 Fraud by failing to disclose information
  • 4 Fraud by abuse of position
  • 5 “Gain” and “loss”
  • 6 Possession etc. of articles for use in frauds
  • 7 Making or supplying articles for use in frauds


 CLICK HERE for the full story by Jo Nova at Her Own Website


 Questioning Climate for Policymakers

Highlighting Common Deceptions, Diversions, & Inconvenient Facts in the Climate & Energy Debate

by Jonathan J. Drake – 28/11/2011

Many years ago, the debate about Anthropogenic Global Warming moved away from science to become highly political, essentially a pseudo-religion; in some regions also splitting populations along ideological lines. As is typical in such circumstances, facts become twisted; myths are created; lies and exaggeration trump facts; and faith in authority displaces rational, critical thought. This document exposes and highlights some of the inconvenient facts and trickery such that policymakers, and the public, can engage in questioning of the ‘climate change’ orthodoxy and its associated agendas.

Read more in Drake’s Published Document (PDF)


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2 Responses to Monckton Reports on The Climate Change Scare Machine

  1. Calum Mhor says:

    Good show Laird Monckton !

    Let them have it with both barrels. These corporate media shills cannot keep a good man down, The truth will out, and those who try to stifle the voices and persecute the messengers will ultimately be the losers. The public will decide who is telling the truth, and just googling what Monckton claimed, turned up hundreds of news articles, and even scientific papers backing up everything that he claimed.

    But take Monckton’s advice and Check Up For Yourselves !

  2. Lavern Tiedeman says:

    What would many of us do minus the amazing strategies you write about on this website? Who else has got the persistence to deal with essential topics with regard to common readers like me? I actually and my buddies are very delighted to have your website among the kinds we generally visit. Hopefully you know how very much we enjoy your hard work! Best wishes through us all.

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