Monckton Warns of End of Democracy in United Kingdom

Lord Monckton appeared by Skype TV, on the Alex Jones Show, broadcast on the 11th October 2011, when he warned of the takover of British Democracy by the EU Superstate. Britain’s Laws are now formed by EU Unelected Committees, and are then foisted upon UK MPs, MSPs, AMs, MLAs & their “Governments”, which have no real  authority any longer to object. Monckton then went on to explain that the City of London Financial Center is now controlled by the EU Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. So many Finance institutions are now trying to move from London to Switzerland, that the Swiss have been forced to have a moratorium until further notice, said Monckton. In Three Parts, running time is about 38 minutes.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Is Lord Monckton alone in suspecting that there is something reminiscent of a type of fascism within the structure of the EU institutions?  Former British Intelligence Officer, Mr Harry Beckhough, worked personally with  Field Marshal Montgomery during the Battles of el Alamein, and was one of the original  Bletchley Park Codebreakers in England during World War II, where he helped crack the German Navy “Enigma” code machine. Using personal knowledge, and his still extant worldwide network of intelligence contacts and sources, he has some startling revelations to report about Germany’s rise in power and past role in the forming of the European Union. The video lasts for about 50 minutes.

Europes New Fuhrer, by Harry Beckhough

Get “GERMANY’S FOUR REICHS” Free, as described in the above video (PDF)


So then are Lord Monckton and Harry Beckhough the only people saying these things about the EU Superstate, and its Fascist-style diktats? No, and here is yet another video example, made by Anthony J. Hilder and Brian Gerrish, who are convinced beyond doubt that …..

The EU is Hitler’s Dream Come True

a “YouTuber” who uploaded the video originally shown here was forced to delete it, supposedly due to some copyright claim, yet the film’s producers made no such claim. Subsequently that YouTuber’s account was apparently shut down summarily.

UKIP Scotland refuses to be cowed by these fascist bullying tactics !

This Replacement Version is Courtesy of Mr. Anthony Hilder & Free World Film Works


Surely it’s time for the UK People to decide on EU membership.

Yet Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Salmond et al, refuse to have a referendum.

What is wrong with this scenario ?


If in the UK, Lobby your British MP NOW on EU Referendum  !

The drop down menu on this next URL will allow you
to generate lists of MPs. You can look at all MPs
arranged alphabetically by name or by constituency.

You can also generate lists by membership of political
party, by gender or by constituent parts of the UK
(England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

All lists contain links to e-mail, biographical
information and also telephone contact details.


There will be more investigations on this issue !

UKIP is NOT Finished with enquiries into this circumstance !


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3 Responses to Monckton Warns of End of Democracy in United Kingdom

  1. futureboy says:

    It was purely because Germany wanted it that we and the EU “recognised” the Yugoslav secession states Croatia & Bosniastan, both run by WW2 Nazi supporters of Hitler and both publicly supportive of the genocide of Serbs, which, with our help, they engaged in. Of course that is never the way our media report it but it is factually correct.

    Unfortunately when the media get away with telling absolutely any lie and censoring absolutely any fact in the cause of fascism once they can do it any time. The BBC’s claim that the Bosnian Moslem leader was a “moderate minded Moslem comitted to a multicultural state” undoubtedly represents the very highest standard of honesty to which anybody at the BBC aspires. On the other hand, at the time they knew that he was publicly commited to “neither peace nor co-existence with non-Moslems” both in Bosnia and the rest of the world -the only possible alternative being their genocide.

    So yes, through the EU, Hitler has won and our government and media are deliberately willing to tell any lie and do anything to promote the genocide of the descendents of those who oppsed him.

  2. GW says:

    Quite right, particularly about Serbia.

    But don’t be too hard on British Media…

    It started with infiltration by Germany, using Bertelsmann’s vast network. The appeasers in the British media must be seen as infiltrations, of which the the British media (and Brit democracy) is a victim. Brit media as a whole is not against you.

  3. As pointed out in the comments in another article, The film by Alex Jones, “The Obama Deception” may have relevance to these issues in the UK & Europe. The video is principally about the United States of America, but does show that there are ramifications for the UK and the wider World.

    See the comment another page at this blog

    You may think this extreme, but all claims seem verifiable.
    That version alone has over 9.5 millions views !

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