Longannet Carbon Capture & Storage Debacle

Stuart Haszeldine

On the 9th of October, “Scottish Power Professor” Haszeldine,  and others appeared in a 10 minute segment of BBC Scotland’s Politics Show. Clips include Chris Huhne, George Osbourne, and opinions of a FOOTBALL Pundit & a POLITICAL Journalist are also sought.  In the video we see the Professor state that the project is ready to go, and only the money is holding him up. Previously the Professor asked for a BILLION Pounds, but now he says this isn’t enough, and he needs another 200 MILLION Pounds. “That’s what people are saying”, said the professor.  [Something wrong with the Process Chemistry? Something wrong with the Carbon Capture theory? Something wrong with the Finances? – Further investigations need to take place.] Haszeldine then went on to state that the BILLION Pounds would only be “seven pounds for every electric household”. Something wrong with his mathematics surely?

1,000,000,000 divided by 7 equals 143,000,000 in round figures. So then we would require 143 MILLION “electric households”. This hardly seems likely, when the ENTIRE UK Population [including migrants & visitors] is less than 70 Millions. Like other claims made by “Professor” Haszeldine, this turns out to be untenable. As the reported said “No Large Scale Working Carbon Capture Project has been successful”. The science is not proved. Why should UK Taxpayers give vast sums to Scottish Power, to conduct an “Experiment”. There will be more on this story.


Read more about this hubristic project below:

Concern is growing that plans to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology at Longannet in Fife could be close to collapse. ScottishPower is bidding for £1bn in the carbon capture stakes.
– BBC Business
A £1bn flagship government project for fighting climate change – the construction of a prototype carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at Longannet in Scotland.
– Guardian Environment
Companies planning to build the demonstration project, now four years in the making, say it will cost at least £1.5bn, and possibly much more, according to people familiar with the matter.
– Financial Times
Last week the CO2 Transport Options For Scotland study claimed that around 70 million tonnes of CO2 per year could be captured, transported and stored offshore in Scotland by 2040, through the formation of a CCS infrastructure network and an estimated £4.5 billion of capital investment.
– Dundee Courier
[this newspaper is a CCS advocate - yet they never consider that CO2 IS NOT "pollution"]


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5 Responses to Longannet Carbon Capture & Storage Debacle

  1. Jack Black says:

    Hmmm, not ONCE does the “Professor” ever mention “Climate Change”, as a reason to be doing this. He says that we have to do it, because “Europe will be taxing Carbon …. we will be paying more for our electricity”. When asked specifically about Alex Salmond’s Climate Change Targets, Haszeldine says we have to do it because “There’s a lot of talk about the energy crisis”, and there are weasel words. Why does he avoid linking the “Carbon Capture” project with Catastrophic Climate Change ? Is it because there is NO Connection between these things, and he is afraid of making a Fraudulent Statement in Public?

  2. futureboy says:

    Typical of the BBC not to ask him about this obvious lie. It is not just that the BBC give 40 times more coverage to the Green Party, per vote, than UKIP but that all the coverage of the party and its friends in government, is adulatory.

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  4. the king with no clothes rides again mr bean alia chris hulnes and his silly entourage in scotland just a con to get money off all us poor people

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