SNP Government Energy Policy Lies In Tatters


Professor Gordon Hughes

A new report into the future of “Green Jobs” in Britain, by Professor Gordon Hughes of The  University of Edinburgh is highly critical of Economic Strategy. The SNP Government’s green policies are simplistic and even fatuous, when compared with reality.

According to an article by James Delingpole of the Telegraph, “Green jobs” are a chimera. See his article, CLICK HERE .

See the full devastating report by Professor Hughes (Adobe PDF File) CLICK HERE .

Professor Hughes is obviously considered to be a serious individual by the SNP, else why did John Swinney appoint him as Scottish Water Supremo, only a few months ago? See the Official SNP Government announcement CLICK HERE. So why will they not accept his considered economic advice on energy production now?

This story will run and run ……..

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4 Responses to SNP Government Energy Policy Lies In Tatters

  1. futureboy says:

    There was another recent report by Marsh & Meirs that said 3.7 jobs are destroyed for every 1 “Green” one created. There has been no serious dispute of this and it is exactly what classic economics predicts when you tax real wealth creators to pay for nothing. I can only presume that every MP/MSP who promises to create 100.000 “Green jobs” knows perfectly well that he inyends to destroy 270,000 jobs net.

  2. W. McLean says:

    Salmond is supposed to be an “economist”, so he must surely see that Prof. Hughes is not making these figures up, is he. I mean why does Salmond persist in these lunatic policies which are destroying Scotland’s natural heritage, of Scenery & Tourism. Hills clothed in windmills, and giant 600 foot pylons marching from Falkirk to Inverness, right through the Cairngorms National Park, and for what, zero gain in terms of Watts of energy generated, according to Prof Hughes.

    I ask you Lord Monckton & UKIP, what will you do to challenge these crazy schemes?

    • Lord Monckton has this report on his desk, and will assuredly study it.
      Again a conflicting report to that of SNP Policy is published, just like the Verso Economics report, but this one will be less easy for the SNP to dismiss, since they themselves appointed Professor Hughes to head one of their own Quangos.

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