Monckton at National Press Club Australia 19/07/2011

Climate Change Disclosure -Lord Christopher Monkton Debates, Dr Richard Dennis at, the National Press Club Address 19/07/2011, about one hours duration. Monckton proves this day, without a doubt the biased media reporting of Global Climate Change. This video was recorded via direct feed from ABC TV in Australia. Thanks to YouTube user,  sangstar1, for the original early upload, which has now been replaced by this much higher quality version. Very well done you guys.

this video is courtesy of  YouTube user, wakeup2thelies

Alan Jones of 2GB Radio comments on the above Debate

picture – ABC News

– click player to hear the clip


Labor, Greens Lies, NWO Agenda Exposed –  Lord Monckton v Dr Dennis. Scientists v Climate Change – A Two Hours Plus, epic filleting of the duplicity of the Gillard Government, contrasted with Monckton’s fact fusillade.


See also this PFD of slides, which illustrate many of the points that Monckton makes in his discourse. These were originally used at a lecture, given by Philip R. Wood, Vice President, The Lavoisier Group, on Wednesday 27 Apr 2011 at Mosman R.S.L. Club, Sydney, NSW.     – courtesy of carbon-sense

“A Cool Look at Global Warming”



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4 Responses to Monckton at National Press Club Australia 19/07/2011

  1. Dr Richard Dennis’ arguments were nearly all logical fallacies, he continually made appeals to authority, and made claims to popular consesus, without providing a single example of any named scientist who had published, and then cited any peer reviewed publication (under his own criteria). Yet Monckton cited so, several times.

    For you future edification, please see this wikipedia page, so that you may recognise in future when someone is making arguments which amount to no more that logical fallacies, or in other words, unfounded buncombe and balderdash.


    See also:
    Dr. Michael C. Labossiere, the author of a Macintosh tutorial named Fallacy Tutorial Pro 3.0, has kindly agreed to allow the text of his work to appear on the Nizkor site, as a Nizkor Feature. It remains © Copyright 1995 Michael C. Labossiere.

  2. sean says:

    hahaha…. you cite wikipedia!!!!! classic

    • So then Sean, I gather that you are one of those who have been brainwashed into thinking that the global warming panic scenario is dangerous, or even likely. Yes we cite Wikipedia, in relation to Peripatetic Fallacies, but I also gather that you didn’t take the time to read those pages.

      If you had done so you would have seen that the authors of that page did indeed cite many other references, including for example peer reviewed sources; Wiley-Blackwell, and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

      Other sources who are independent of Wikipedia are also cited, including authors such as ; Bunnin, Nicholas; Yu, Jiyuan; Clark, Jef; Clark, Theo ; Copi, Irving M.; Cohen, Carl ; Curtis, Gary; Damer, T. Edward ; Dowden, Bradley; Fischer, David Hackett ; Flew, Antony; Gula, Robert J. ; Hurley, Patrick J. ; Johnson, Ralph H.; Blair, J. Anthony; Pirie, Madsen; Wilson, W. Kent; In Audi, Robert; Walton, Douglas. Those authors are from many and varied institutions, such as Pennsylvania State University, and Cambridge University, & etc.

      Not only that but reference was also given to a separate online tutorial from a completely independant and unbiased source which has received glowing reviews from the philosophical community.

      What this illustrates is the mindset of the average rabid detractor to Lord Moncktons work. They do not the slightest research, and are unwilling to examine the issues, and look for the merest excuse to cry charlatan, and with no real justification other than their own prejudice.

      Should Sean, or any person of a similar mindset return here, I would humbly suggest that you follow Lord Monckton’s suggestions that he made in the video, and PLEASE READ THE LITERATURE !

      Pointless Ad Hominem attacks and Flame Wars will not be tolerated.

    • bingbing says:

      I’ll put it another way for you, Sean. You are being had, mate. The global warming climate change brigade are taking you for a ride, and are helping themselves and their friends, via more taxes and subsidies, to your (hopefully) hard earned money.

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