Lindsay Roy MP (Lab – Glenrothes) asks a silly question


"The Baron" Prescott & Lindsay Roy

In the following exchange Fife Labour Party CCS devotee, Lindsay Roy MP, asks Charles Hendry MP (Cons), Government Energy Minister, why the Longannet CCS Project isn’t working. Roy accuses the Government of laggardly behaviour.

Astonishingly, Hendry then goes on to explain that “a single project”, has recieved a BILLION Pounds (£1,000,000,000), and it will be working by 2020, or some other similar weasel worded phrase. More “test” projects will be funded later this year states Hendry, and Roy sits down looking rather baffled …..

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The fact is that the project is doomed to failure, not the least, because it is based on a false premiss, that “CO2 is dangerous, and must be sequestered.” Though the project was commissioned in 2009, we are no nearer to seeing it operating. Chief “scientist” at the project, Stuart Haszeldine, the “Iberdrola Professor of Carbon Capture and Storage” at the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh, appears to be struggling with the technology, despite the BILLION Pounds. Iberdrola are the owners of Longannet Power Station.

There is much more to this “Project” that meets the eye at first sight. Doesn’t Haszeldine have a conflict of interest here? Isn’t Haszeldine the adviser on CCS, to Anne Glover, Scotland’s “Chief Scientist” and wasn’t it Anne Glover, who advised the Scottish Climate Change Committee, to advise Alex Salmond to approve of this project, and even base Scotland’s future energy supplies on what is yet unproven science. Haszeldine will fix it though, all he needs is a “ten-fold increase in technology”, he is reported to have told colleagues. 

This is an arena which require much more investigation, because who can prove that CO2 is dangerous to that extent, and what effect would capturing comparitively miniscule amounts from a single power station have in any case. That isn’t proved either. Yet at least a BILLION Pounds of taxpayers money would be frittered away.


Months later the Truth is revealed and Longannet CCS is left struggling. Watch as the so called “Chief Carbon Scientist” wriggles and squirms on TV as he tries to defend the indefensible. Figures appear to be pulled out of “thin air”. With some further background on the Longannet project, please see our posting at this website:

Longannet Carbon Capture & Storage Debacle

See also the further article on this website, which describes the demise of the CCS plant, and its final death throes. Yet Alex Salmond and his cohorts are determined to resurrect Longannet CCS, or transfer their so called World Beating Technology to another locus, either at Hunterston, or at Peterhead. Already the whole Hunterston Coal Fired Power Station Project seems doomed, due to draconian planning regulation, and rabid lobbying from so called enviromental groups, like FOE & WWF etc. The Peterhead CCS Project is still just a thought in the heads of the very few at SSE & Shell. Remember that this locus was previously mooted some five years ago by another consortium, who then cancelled the project, supposedly because of financial reasons, but more likely because of the legal ramifications of accusations, and threats of reports to the Procurators Fiscal.

Longannet carbon capture scheme scrapped !

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4 Responses to Lindsay Roy MP (Lab – Glenrothes) asks a silly question

  1. Neil Craig says:

    I wouldn’t quite call her Scotland’s Chief Scientist she is Scotland’s Chief Scientific Adviseor, a purely political appointemnt. I was present at a lecture she gave where she assured us that global warming would cause the day to lenfthen (soething that would actually require the Earth to shifr on its axis). It was clear that Scotland’s Chief Scince Advisor’s hob is to go round schools frightening kids with her set lecture, which she unimpressively reeled out to us.

    Part of it included saying “my jaw dropped in amazement” at first seeing the CCS factory which might work for 7 year olds but shouldn’t for any sort of scientific “chief”.

    That the Lab/Libs appointed her as their chief advisor and the SNP retain her shows both to be deeply corrupt, stupid and scientifically illiterate.

  2. There is a kind of vicious circle of dis-information at work here.
    I see it like this ….

    Iberdrola Power fancies making some cash,
    and a big pile of “Carbon Credits”.

    Iberdrola fund a “Chair” at Edinburgh University.

    The “Iberdrola Professor” Haszeldine, then pronounces
    that CO2 can definitely be captured and sequestered in
    saline aquifers under the Firth of Forth, and in “disused”
    coal seams, exhausted oil reservoirs, shale beds and so on.

    Haszeldine tells Glover CCS can be done.
    Glover (a marine bacteriologist) believes what she is told
    by Haszeldine. They both then advise the so called “Committee
    on Climate Change”, backing up each others stories.

    Ignorant and scientifically illiterate MSPs then believe
    this wish-wash. Alex Salmond and his “cabinet” then swing
    into action, and start a bidding war of CO2 reductions with
    Ed Millband of the then Labour Government.

    The result : Scotland will make “carbon reductions” of
    80% by 2020, according to Salmond (by using a technology
    that doesn’t yet work). Absolutely vacuous and ludicrous.
    It’s farcical, absurd and preposterous.

    On the strength of Salmond’s declaration, a grant of One
    BILLION Pounds is obtained for the project, yet Haszeldine
    says this isn’t enough, and more cash is needed. Maybe ten
    times as much ! Meanwhile Iberdrola are cashing-in.

    Cashing in on You and Me. Not just by taking the Billions
    from taxpayers funds, but by having their retail operation,
    Scottish Power, increase retail electricity prices, thus
    driving up business costs and further jeopardising Scottish
    manufacturing, and employment. This will get much worse in
    the future, if these machinations are allowed to continue.

    There are serious problems and issues with Hazeldine &
    Iberdrola’s scheme at Longannet, and some suspicious motives
    for continuing with the current project. The goal-posts are
    continually being moved, and they have no idea exactly where
    and how they can sequester the CO2 gas, even if they managed
    to capture sufficient quantities to be significant.

    Their plan to put the gas deep underground, or undersea is
    fraught with difficulties, not least of which is that Iberdrola
    don’t actually own or control any of these sites, or any pipes.

    Every other CCS plant in Europe has either failed to start fully,
    or has since failed abysmally for technical reasons, or has even
    created a local biohazard, or been horrendously costly, and has
    achieved no ascribable measurable reduction in atmospheric CO2
    concentrations at all.

    To the contrary, CO2 densities have increased in every case.
    Yet the local atmospheric temperature has been stable or
    decreased. This behaviour does not fit in with Haszeldine’s
    hypothesis, and so no further effort or funds should be
    spent on this meretricious gimcrackery.

    This story will be expanded when Lord Monckton returns from Australia.

  3. we all know wind farms are not working to plan , as these unsitely toys of alex salmond blight our scottish landscape , this know brainer project is doomed ? solar panels and neuclear power is the way forward ? god speed common sense?

    • As you remark about nuclear power, and indeed the future probably lies in using the new generation of THORIUM reactors, which are far safer and more compact and powerful. However there are issues with photovoltaic solar cells in a country like Scotland, where is is cloudy and dull on many days, and of course you cannot generate electricity from those installations in the dark of night.

      Other types of solar powered energy, such as heat pumps, and water heaters may be more practical, and photovoltaics can be used in remote locations, where the power requirements are low; such as a telephone call box, or a roadside sign, or to top up the battery lighing in a caravan, or as garden lights & etc. You can’t however run an industry on photovoltaic cells.

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