Salmond Appoints “Nosferatu” Stevenson as Climate Minister

"Nosferatu" Stevenson - Climate Parasite

Incredibly, the man responsible for the great frozen M8 Motorway fiasco, and the general transport débâcle throughout Scotland last winter has now been appointed by Alex Salmond as the “new” Junior Minister for Environment and Climate Change, under the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead MSP.

Salmond proudly announced that, “Stewart Stevenson steered Scotland’s world-leading climate change legislation through the last parliament, securing consensus right across the chamber, and I am delighted to welcome him back to government in that same role as we turn these ambitious targets into reality.”

Salmond and his so called government are living in a dream World, where reality rarely enters the picture. This appointment has been almost universally panned across the local and national press, and already commentators are questioning the judgement of Mr. Salmond. Stevenson, the man without a clue, will now drive forward his schemes of rape of the Scottish countryside, and deception of the power consumer. This will bring him into direct conflict with Fergus Ewing MSP, the previous Community Safety Minister, who moved to the post of Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism, overseen by “Salmond’s Brain”,  Cabinet Uber-Secretary, John Swinney. In such a battle there can only be one winner. Sooner rather than later, Mr. Swinney must inform Mr. Salmond of the financial ruin that such policies as intended by political “Lazarus”, “Nosferatu Stevenson”, are simply untenable and in fact possibly fraudulent.

UKIP will be examining every policy and statement by the so called, “new” Climate Change Minister, and will seek to challenge any bald announcements, which are not soundly based on empirical evidence and reality. To paraphrase Alexandre Dumas, “But the truth about climate-change cannot remain forever in prison, and one day or other it will leave, and the day when it comes out, woe betide him who was the cause of this incarceration.” This is already a failed policy, yet Salmond seems unable to resist the allure of the ill-gotten gains that such deceit affords him.

–  more later on this story
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