Huhne welcomes interim report from chief nuclear inspector

18th May 2011 – DECC Press Release: 2011/042

Nuclear Inspector Dr.Weightman

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne today presented to Parliament the findings of the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s interim report into the events at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan in March this year. Chris Huhne asked for an interim report to consider any immediate lessons that could be applied to the UK nuclear industry. Dr Weightman will provide a final report in September this year. In his interim report, Dr Weightman has found that the UK has displayed a strong safety culture in its response to Fukushima and current safety measures are adequate. Dr Weightman also said that is not necessary to make immediate safety improvements to operating nuclear reactors in the UK.

Climate Minister Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne said: “Safety is and will continue to be the number one priority. I am pleased that today’s report confirms that the UK’s current safety arrangements are working. I want regulators and the industry to work together, so that we continue to improve our safety regime. “The Chief Nuclear Inspector has made clear the differences between Japan and the UK. We do not use the same reactor types, and do not plan to in future. We also do not expect to experience the extreme natural events seen in Japan.

Official Government DECC Report – Click Here

Liberal Democrat Policy (or Con-Dem Policy) seems to be softening towards nuclear, in the face of overwhelming odds from the science community. This is a report that Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond would do well not to ignore. How long can he soldier on with the Carbon Fraudulence, and continue to vilify the very nuclear industry that supplies as much as 1/3 of Scotland’s electrical power ?


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One Response to Huhne welcomes interim report from chief nuclear inspector

  1. Neil Craig says:

    They always say “safety is the number one priority” for everything. It is a stupid platitude politicians always thoughtlessly say since the number one priority must be doing whatever it is. If safety were the true number one priority none of us would get out of bed.

    It also ignores the fact that doing something may directly save lives. 25,000 pensioners die of cold each winter – most of whom would survive if we had cheap nuclear power.

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