SNP ‘to seize profit from the Queen’s estates’

Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP, has laid claim for the right to millions of pounds of profits from the Queen’s estates in Scotland under plans for national independence. Alex Salmond declared his intention to take control of the hugely profitable wind farms leased by the Crown Estate after his party’s resounding election victory.


It is just one of a raft of plans to transform the institutions of Scotland and its relations with the monarch and the Royal Family, including having a referendum on the Monarchy. In his speech on Friday Mr Salmond talked of ‘control of the Crown Estate Commission’ and of Scotland getting ‘the benefit of its vast renewable wealth of offshore resources in the way we never did in terms of our vast oil and gas resources’.

This will be seen as a bid to cut the Queen’s earnings by taking control of the Crown Estate in Scotland, which includes most of the seabed off the Scottish coast. The SNP wants to cash in on the £7 billion renewable energy sector, saying that ‘Scotland should not have to wait any longer’ for control over the country’s coastline and seas.

Full Story at Daily Mail Online – Click Here

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One Response to SNP ‘to seize profit from the Queen’s estates’

  1. Neil Craig says:

    Doesn’t matter. The only “vast renewable wealth” available comes from government subisdy. Nationalising the other end of a government financed Ponzi scheme will not make Scotland rich

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