Small business v Petty Bureaucracy

In this short 14 minute video Godfrey Bloom MEP, of UKIP explains how EU Red Tape is suffocating small business owners under a mountain of unnecessary petty bureaucracy. The same needlessly time-consuming procedures are inflicted on Scottish businesses too, since the central diktats, although enforced locally, emanate from Brussels. UKIP is the ONLY PARTY who have pledged to eliminate this mindless falderal and allow businesses to flourish and create employment.



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One Response to Small business v Petty Bureaucracy

  1. Neil Craig says:

    I remember Monteith once pointing out that building a motorway hotel cost 10% more in Scotland because you have to have a lift hust in case some disabled person doesn’t like the fround floor. All such costs have to be passed on.

    The rule of thumb is that regulations cost the regulated 20 times more than it costs government to hire the regulator. Fortunately a lot of people in government employment merely do nothing.

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