Christopher Monckton on The Alex Jones Show 4th May 2011

On the eve of Scottish Election Day, Christopher Monckton was able to broadcast to the people of Scotland via the auspices of USA TV Host, Alex Jones. While the BBC and other Media in Scotland have largely ignored, and even discriminated against Monckton and UKIP, Lord Monckton has been able to send his message to those who are cognisant of the new electronic media. If you missed the broadcast, then see the excerpts below featuring the UKIP Scottish Leader. The Complete Show and several other episodes featuring Christopher Monckton, are available in full on the Media page, at this website.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :



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8 Responses to Christopher Monckton on The Alex Jones Show 4th May 2011

  1. Linda says:

    Good Luck Lord Monckton


  2. Neil Craig says:

    That the BBC (& indeed ITV) are, quite deliberately, engaging in party politics is now totally indisoputible. UKIP get 4 times the national votes of the greens and 1/9th those of Labour yet a Google News search shows we get 47 mentions compared to 1909 for the Greens. Thus we are getting 1/160th of our proper coverage or to put it another way the BBC are 99.4% a corrupt fascistic organisation breaching their charter and the people’s right to honest coverage.

    • Of course the BBC have a vested interest in keeping political parties who challenge the received wisom from Al Gore and his acolytes. As revealed by the Daily Express in February 2010, BBC journalists and their bosses regard disputed scientific theory that climate change is caused by mankind as “mainstream” while huge sums of employees’ money is invested in companies whose success depends on the theory being widely accepted.

      Meanwhile, Climate Research News revealed more detail of the BBC’s involvement with the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, and furthermore noted that the BBC Pension Trust had become “officially” politicised to promote the scam.

      John O’Sullivan writing in a post on Climategate dot com, then further revealed that the destination of those BBC Pension Funds, was in fact the UNEP Finance Initiative. As UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom put it, “The BBC has blocked skeptics of climate change for four years now, no debate is allowed on the BBC. It is biased reporting and it is censorship.” Clearly the fact that the BBC Chairman is also Chair of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change is incompatible with unbiased public service broadcasting.

      There is plenty of further evidence, if evidence were needed, of corrupt practices within the BBC, and the question remains. Why has no-one been charged with Fraud under the 2006 UK Fraud Act, since the BBC are obviously manufacturing materials or instruments for use in a Fraudulent Scheme ?

  3. Thank. The. Lord. For. The. Internet now ukip. Is. Know. Longer. Gagged. Here. In. Scotland. Well. Done. Alex. Jones. Of. Prison. Planet. Well. Done. Lord. Monkton. God. Speed. The. Success. Of. Ukip.

  4. doeheid says:

    i agree with you Lord (not voted for) but Scotland should have its own debt free money. Also we should have constitutional legal rights as the declaration of Arr broth. This is the reason the American constitution works. The World agrees when individual states are strong

    • Well of course it is in the hands of Scottish Banks to promote “debt free money”, should they wish to do so. The only problem being that they do not wish to do so, nor does Alex Salmond or any other Political Party Leader at the Scottish Parliament. So then sadly this would not happen, even if Alex Salmond were to win his referendum. You can use local credit unions and barter, but this is very small beer so far in Scotland.

      In the federal union of the United Kingdom, there is indeed a written constitution. It is written in the Treaties of Union, and the Acts of Succession, and incorporating the Magna Carta of King John. Alex Salmond and others would wish people to think that these written agreements do not exist. He has never implemented their provisions fully, even though Scots would have been better off socially and financially, because if he did then this would weaken his own case for total independence.

      It is UKIP’s view that a Federal United Kingdom, independent from Europe would be the preferred model. UKIP believes in small government and less interference. Alex Salmond would sign up to all the Euro-Treaties, and disadvantage Scots even more than is already the case under his devolved administration.

  5. neilcraig says:

    If Scotland started printing “debt free money” or any other sort the Scottish £ that salmond wants would come under pressure to sink compared to Sterling. The only way to stop that, particularly since both main parties here are more committed to borrowing than even Westminster is, would be that our Treasury would have to pay significantly higher interest rates than south of the border. While unmentioned I doubt if the SNP government have not been told this.

    • Not only that, but of course all Fiat Moneys issued by Scottish Banks depend upon debt for the issuance of these banknotes. This is the point which most people do not understand. Generally people believe that moneys issued in the form of banknotes stem from moneys that is actually deposited in those banks. Nothing could be further from the real truth. If Scotland had a State Central Bank, it would no doubt immediately attempt to sell “Government Bonds”, so as to use that money to build fatuous schemes like Longannet or Peterhead Carbon Capture projects. Now of course with the so called “Green Bank” on its way, even more debt based moneys will be ploughed into these asinine wind/wave/ccs schemes scams, and they will collapse all the sooner.

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