What is the SNP, Labour, & LibDem Energy & Climate Position?

 What is the position of Liberal Democrats, The Scottish Nationalists, and New Labourites on Climate ? Hear this short extract from First Minister’s Questions – Thursday 4th November 2010. Restating His Ludicrous Position on CO2 Reduction. This time Salmond goes even further than before, saying that Fossil Fuel Power Stations will be “decarbonised”,  and also that Nuclear Power is dangerous and unreliable. “Scotland has the biggest CO2 targets in the World, and the biggest Carbon Capture potential” & etc., etc., he drones on oblivious of reality. Subsequently Salmond announced his plan to power Scotland 100%, with renewables. This is a target that would require some 900% extra windmills across our landscape. Do we want or need this visual intrusion, and do we want or need electricity at least three times the cost that we are paying now?  

Click the player to hear the comical and farcical 5 minute “debate”. 

Finnie Salmond Boyack


They are all hubristic fools who would sell Scotland’s Scenic Heritage out of ignorance, and with utter disregard to the opinions of the Local People who are adversly affected.  UKIP didn’t get any MSP’s elected, but UKIP will continue to call these people to account, and inform them of the error of their ways. 

[Ross Finnie lost his Regional List seat and is no longer an MSP. Sarah Boyack lost her constituency seat, but returned to Parliament as a Regional List MSP. Alex Salmond was returned with an increased majority, and now his Party has an overall majority in the Parliament. - Ed.]


The SNP Government estimated in a report that £6.3 Million and  339 jobs would be lost in the tourism industry, as a direct result in the Stirling, Perth & Kinross areas alone. As a local resident, Lord Monckton will continue to challenge these lunatic policies, and will fight for the freedom of the people from fatuous EU policy diktats.

Story Courtesy of : The Fraudulent Climate Website


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4 Responses to What is the SNP, Labour, & LibDem Energy & Climate Position?

  1. Linda says:

    What was that? I had no idea that these people were so ignorant.
    The MSPs and Public were laughing at Ross Finnie, yet he still
    carried on with the arrogance and spouting explanations which
    even he, himself didn’t understand.

    Crazy People 👿

  2. Neil Craig says:

    They intend to keep the 10% of our power that comes from hydro so it is only an 800% increase over the next 9 years. I know that is just a nitpick because it is still a lunatic unattainable target for people that have spent 6 years organising to not build a single tramline in Edinburgh.

    Beyond that is the fact that wind produced power varies wildely from 4 times the average down to 0.2%. Even if they could produce the power it will mean blackouts whenever it was less than averagely windy. Assuming they are all clinically insane is the generous choice.

  3. liz wilson says:

    I think all parties need to take a back step and evaluate whether these turbines are credible fiscally. Without grants from the government ,are these viable and sustainable.The Farmers and the companies might own the land, but who owns the views and the countryside? Who owns the houses and the villages with the sound which was otherwise soundless but only the odd sheep or cow but the incessant low drone off and aircraft or the wurr wurr wurr.Who owns the sight for miles around…I ask you?
    If it was viable I would not have any opposition..It is not and only through our own pockets to meet environmental objectives we have been set..
    Please look at the figures.These turbines are not viable..I wish they were but are not and alot off companies are making a killing over grants etc over this

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