Print Your Own Posters & Leaflets

Lord Monckton stood for election, as UKIP Candidate in Mid-Scotland & Fife, Holyrood, May 2011 He won 2,838 votes

The voting in this Election has finished but the posters and leaflets remain, and will be updated in the future. The full results for Mid-Scotland & Fife Region, can be seen in this posting (click here). Even though Lord Monckton was not elected, he will carry on with the principles outlined in his personal manifesto. UKIP pledges to carry on the fight against bureaucracy, chicanery, and the  bogus  windpower schemes which are a scourge on the Scottish countryside.
Lord Monckton Says; “Print me out, and put me in your window, stick me on your garden gate, tape me to a pole, or cut my face out and wear it as a mask to scare the CO2 Fraudsters with.”  There are more posters and leaflets for you to print out, and leave around bars and restuarants etc. Even the dentists waiting room. Go and get them now in full size at the Posters & Leaflets webpage on this website. Download them straight away. Print them out now.
Please do check out the recent videos.  … See the Media Page – See especially those at the bottom of the page, by Brian Gerrish. Bogus & Insidious EU “sock puppet” organisations want to subjugate the UK Independent Position. We must not allow them to succeed. Only ONE Party wants to stop their dastardly plans. Vote UKIP and save Britain from these faceless hordes of unelected bureaucrats and quango-meisters. If you value your personal freedom, then Vote UKIP.

 monckton in kiltUKIP-button-badge-cutout






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4 Responses to Print Your Own Posters & Leaflets

  1. Linda says:

    These posters look great, I am going to print them straight away.

    I love the big picture of Lord Monckton in his purple hat. I wish we could see him on TV, but I heard he was banned or somthing. Maybe some audience members will make the Monckton mask and wear it in the TV Studio. That would be a laugh.

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    Your opponents can don psychopath masks:

    [I thought that some of them already were. - Ed. ;)]

    • Well I think we knew that this Global Warming Alarmism was being orchestrated by Goebbels-esque (is that a word?) characters, but perhaps we didn’t realise who had been promoting this agenda in the past. They say that Hitler himself was a “Great Environmentalist”. Whole swathes of Europe were evacuated of their Human populations, and we know what happened next. This is a dangerous game that those sycophantic acolytes of Al Gore are playing. Dangerous and vacuous, and culpable. These politicians who support such measures must be thrown out of office, and face a court of law, for mis-appropriation of public funds, when blame can be apportioned. You have your chance on May 5th to strike a Blow for Freedom. Will you have enough courage to desert the tired old parties, and Vote for UKIP ?

  3. Alistair says:

    Sadly not. The peoples of Scotland didn’t have enough courage to challenge Mr Salmond’s jingoistic nationalism. Already he is talking about depriving the Queen of her official state funding agreed by UK Chancellor Osbourne, by taking away the Crown Estate marine revenues. It isn’t so much moneys in the context of the Westminster Block Grant which Salmond will recieve each year.

    “The Draft Budget for 2011-12 contains details of Total Managed Expenditure
    (TME) of £33.6 billion” – (Official Scottish Budget Report).

    “Revenue by estate 2010 £million (excluding service charges)
    Marine estate – 6.8” – (Official Crown Estate Scotland Report 2010)

    So we can see that Salmond’s “seizure” of Crown Estate income, will not in fact lead to a “Bonanza of funding”. It is about one five thousandth of the Scottish Westminster Block Grant. According to John Swinney’s budget, that’s about 2.6% of what the First Minister Spends each year on maintenance & official duties. Hardly a basis for Independence you might think, and as for energy self-sufficience that is surely a fantasy on £6.8 million per annum.

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