Shocking Revelation – Monckton Gagged by Scottish TV

Lord Christopher Monckton with STV HQ in the background at Pacific Quay Glasgow

Viscount Christopher Monckton revealed on the Alex Jones TV Show today, that he has been camped out in an Edinburgh flat for 14 days, and has been blatently ignored by Scotland’s major TV News organisations. Monckton disclosed that in a conversation with  the STV political correspondant, who eventually came on the line and he said, “Look, we have mentioned the UK Independence Party once, before the campaign began. We are not going to mention it, at all for the rest of the campaign, whatever happens.”  (during the Scottish Holyrood Election). This is an apalling disgrace and a blight upon true journalism.

The Public have a right to know. What is it that the BBC, STV, Sky News & etc., are afraid of? Why won’t they let Lord Monckton speak?  We must be told the truth, or we should not support their sponsors and advertisers.

Phone your local STV Office and ask them why Lord Monckton has not been seen on-air during this election campaign. Demand that they interview Lord Monckton immediately. According to STV website, “We are always keen to hear from  viewers  of STV, the STV Player and web-site users. Please get in touch if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about our programmes.”

Update : Bernard Ponsonby puts viewers’ questions to Viscount Monckton, as part of a program first broadcast locally by STV on 21st April 2011. Still the Media bias and prejudice continues, and Ponsonby apart, no other high profile Political Commentator has interviewed Lord Monckton on the real issues.

See the Ponsonby interview at the Justin TV video page -click here

Contact STV to complain about Monckton’s treatment – click here

(see full video report on the media page – click here)

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6 Responses to Shocking Revelation – Monckton Gagged by Scottish TV

  1. Bryan McFadyen says:

    Absolutely Shocking. Of course the BBC have invested all their pension money into Al Gore’s fat wallet fund, but what is the excuse for STV. What is their connection with the Global Warming scams and shenanigans? Why are they so very keen to prevent Monckton from speaking? I think we should be told !

  2. neil craig says:

    The only difference between them and the BBC being that nobody at the BBC has been stuopid enough to specificallt say they are censoring for party political purposes.

  3. I have the perfect issue for you to raise. It may create enough of a fuss to blow open the media lockdown and get your voice heard. The issue is the SNP government’s foreign aid to the Maldives. The SNP’s manifesto says this:

    “And we will increase our efforts to support developing nations
    as they respond to the challenges of climate change.

    We will support the Maldives to develop renewable marine
    energy and go carbon neutral by 2020.”

    Why is this the perfect issue?
    1) The Maldives is one of the most extreme Islamic regimes on earth. It is ranked 6th worst in the world for the persecution of Christians. All religions other than Islam are prohibited by law. Cardinal O’Brien recently stated that conditions should be attached to foreign aid given to countries where Christians are persecuted. Yet here are the SNP giving away taxpayer money with no strings attached. The Catholic church could get behind you on this issue and amplify it further.
    2) People are sick of paying foreign aid generally. The coalition are raising the foreign aid spend while cutting back on everything else. Scottish taxpayers are now being mugged twice for foreign aid, once at the UK level and now again by the SNP at the Scottish level.
    3) It ties in to your money-wasted-on-climate-scam theme.
    4) It ties in to public concern about Islam. I myself stopped voting SNP because I feel that the party has been infiltrated by Islamic extremists (see their candidate Osama Saeed, for example) and I now intend to vote UKIP. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

    • PeteM says:

      I’ve pretty much also decided to vote UKIP. I voted SNP last time and was going to again this time. Their global warming nonsense is ridiculous as is their stance on no nuclear. Get real Alex!

      Giving Aid to other countries at the moment is not a starter. Lets sort out our own economy first and then assess who we should be helping and what we should be doing. I’d suggest we help delivery cheap energy to Africa and work to end the ban, based on no evidence of harmfulness at all, on the use of DDT. Lets also trade with these same countries in an open way (not the Free Trade way which hogs ties the growers and keep them poor).

      As was said in a previous post, let’s also make sure that we do not ever provide funds to regimes who do not share reasonable human rights for their populations.

  4. Iain Lee says:

    I notice he was not allowed to speak at the ‘Speakers Debate’ in Perth today.

    Another important issue which he is well aware of is the ‘Hollie Greig’ campaign, which is probably the biggest issue to be covered up, by both politicians and the media.
    Are bus passes a more important issue than Paedophile rings operating at the highest levels of the ‘Establishment’.
    The answer would seem to be “YES”.

    [readers who doubt that such things do actually happen may care to see the following websites : Hollie Greig campaign & Robert Green's Blog - Ed]

    • Labour, LibDems and the SNP, and the whole Holyrood apparatus of the past 10 years, need to answer some serious questions about this case. The public know what to do at the ballot box, if they want questions like these addressed in an unequivocal fashion in future.

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