Monteith admits that UKIP is the Only Sincere Party

Brian MonteithWell known Hibs FC Supporter, and former Conservative Member of the Scottish Parliament between 1999 and 2007, Brian Monteith writes in the Scotsman. He dissects the four main parties for lying about what will be affordable, and ignoring the brutal facts and reality, when it comes to power generation and market forces.

“When I look at this charade for a choice between the two main parties, how I wish there was a “none of the above” box to tick. It is not as if I find much solace in turning to either the Scottish Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats. Although both have in their own ways recognised the difficulties of the economic situation facing Scotland, both remain wedded to the old politics of using the state to solve our problems rather than recognise that is the cause of so many of them.

Instead I am left looking at UKIP as the only party that proposes with sincerity smaller government with fewer regulations and lower taxes as the way for Scotland to rediscover economic prosperity that can provide enviable public services.”

 – Brian Monteith, The Scotsman, 25 April 2011

Full article can be seen over at The Scotsman – click here 

Neil Craig’s analysis on the above story – click here


Monteith previously posed that the likely election outcome, was fraught with difficulties for smirking Salmond, and dour Grey alike. In an article in the Edinburgh Evening News, on the 22nd April, he spoke about the need for serious thought about coalition government at Holyrood, and put it this fashion.

“If I am right, and I invite readers to correct me, this means that Salmond could broker a deal with Annabel Goldie and Tavish Scott (for it might need both those parties to obtain the numbers for an overall majority) and then simply convene a special party conference to have the decision endorsed.

The idea that the rank and file membership would throw Salmond’s deal back at him and hand power over to Labour is surely preposterous?

If Jambo Salmond is unable to bring about a coalition, then Hibby Iain Gray would have his chance to dribble with the ball – and would no doubt look to the Lib Dems and the Greens also.”

– Brian Monteith, Evening News, 22 April 2011 

Full article over at the Evening News – click here

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One Response to Monteith admits that UKIP is the Only Sincere Party

  1. Wallace Mercer's Ghost says:

    It’s a fact that the SNP Leader is a Jambo, but then so is Labour’s Lord George Foulkes. Football crosses the political divide, and whether a Jambo or a Hi-Bee, or even support some Glasgow club, or some other club elsewhere in Scotland, then your course of action is clear. Vote UKIP on May 5th 2011. Elect somebody genuine to Holyrood for G_ds sake !!!

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