Lord Monckton again appeared on Alex Jones’ Show

On Wednesday 27th April 2011, Christopher Monckton once again appeared on the World Famous famous Alex Jones Show, broadcasting from Austin, Texas, USA. Because of prejudice and  bias by the land based news media organisations here in Scotland, even the irrepressible Viscount has found it practically impossible to get a fair hearing on local TV and Radio in Scotland, and even in the local and National Press, for his Holyrood election bid. This is what passes for a “free democracy” in this part of the World then. What are these people afraid of?  Are they afraid that their devious schemes and chicanery will be exposed by Monckton?  See the media page at this website for further details, about Lord Monckton’s appearances on the Alex Jones Show.

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2 Responses to Lord Monckton again appeared on Alex Jones’ Show

  1. James McLean says:

    Why did the Scottish Press and TV and Radio, not have this guy on their shows and in their newspaper articles? Yes, it is true that they are afraid of his extensive knowledge. They can’t easily sidetrack him, or flannel him with their spin and balderdash. He is out of their control, and “THEY” do not like it !!!!!!!

  2. neil craig says:

    If the BBC are not wholly, completely and totally corrupt fascists deliberately censoring for party political reasons this claim of their’s must be true – “There is no area of broadcasting where the BBC’s commitment to due impartiality is more closely scrutinised than in reporting election campaigns.”

    In fact, of course, their decision to exclude UKIP from any coverage proves they are. UKIP gets 4 times the Green vote nationally (& the BNP twice as many) yet the Greens have been on regularly and, between elections, are a constant fixture.

    Under both the BBC Charter, which requires them to show balance and the Human Rights Act, which allows individuals freedom of what they want to say, the BBC has vitiated its right to claim a licence fee from anybody whose party, or political beliefs (eg global warming, nuclear power, not making criminal wars) is proportionately censored by them.

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