New “Special Relationship” – Bankrupt Britain & USA

The new “special relationship”, between Britain & the USA is the similarity between their Current Account Balances, with regard to their relative Gross Domestic Product.  Britain is also in good company with Greece, Italy & Spain, in the “Euro-Zone”. Yet The Con-Dem Coalition’s cuts are hardly swingeing enough, despite the clamorous protests in Scotland from Labour and the SNP.

Table of International Current Account Balances (Updated 2010)

Rank  ↓ Country  ↓ CAB USD, bn  ↓
1  People’s Republic of China 272.500 
2  Japan 166.500 
3  Germany 162.300 
4  Russia 95.762 
5  Norway 60.230
6  Saudi Arabia 52.030
7   Switzerland 49.350
8  Netherlands 46.690
186        United Kingdom                       -40.340
187    Brazil -52.730
188    France -53.290
189  Italy -61.980
190  Spain -66.740
191  European Union -261.910
192 United States -561.000

Full Table of All Countries at Wikipedia – Click Here

More recent figures are in the CIA World Factbook. It isn’t enough just to make cuts in public expenditure. British industry needs to be regenerated, so that we are actually making something. Something that peoples of foreign countries will want to buy. This is the only way to drag the British economy out of the doldrums, and improve the economic situation of every man, woman, and child, in the British Isles.

Sensible energy costs, are the key to attracting industry to Scotland, and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, and this can never be achieved with the crazy 80% renewables, that Alex Salmond’s ridiculous pontifications recommend.

Even worse perhaps than the decline in Scotland’s industry, is the loss of valuable natural heritage and landscape, which is actually being destroyed by the seemingly incessant march of the giant wind turbines across the former magnificent hills and glens. Remember that this has an economic impact too, on the valuable tourism industry, which in former times created more wealth for Scots, than manufacturing industry does today.

Crazy EU diktats from Euro Commissars, further burden our administrations with seemingly pointless and superfluous over-regulation, and this has a cost too. Not only the expense which is caused to businesses, but the wasted effort by countless minions, which would be better applied to actually making things in factories and workshops. There is however a way out of this morass.  

Vote UKIP in Mid-Scotland & Fife to get Christopher Monckton elected to the Scottish Parliament, and he can make a start by challenging the lunatic policies which have brought us to this desperate situation in which we find ourselves today.

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