Read the UKIP Scotland 2011 Manifesto

We, The People

UKIP’s straight-talking manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections.

Scottish Election ManifestoSCOTLAND’S democratic spirit now has no champions but the UK Independence Party. UKIP alone, among the serious political parties, says no one but we, the people of Scotland, or those we elect should make our laws or tax us. UKIP alone trusts Scottish and British people to exercise a new right to demand a legislative referendum on any law, present or proposed. The result of any referendum will be binding on those we elect. We, the people shall rule once more. See and read the entire document online.

CLICK HERE     Make the Right Decision - Vote for control of your own lives, not for Brussels Bureaucracy

2011 Scots Parliamentary Manifesto Now Online

updated link - 17 May 2013 @ 23.30.hrs [UKIP Scotland Editor]

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